Elders are told they're "Company Men!"

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    This is disturbing at so many levels. I listened to a good part of Blondie's post but just had to turn it off as it made me physically cringe.

    I am soooooooooo glad to be Out.

  • L3G

    The key phrases are between 27:00 and 27:40.

    Might this talk by Noumair have behind it the dismissal of Wally Liverance and and Lawrence Bowen who were dismissed some years ago from being Gilead instructors? Surely they have now been branded as pushing ahead, being independent, etc. since they said some things that were not official doctrine. These are the things he speaks against.

    Thank you for posting this. At least they're being honest here in saying "you're all just company men," something they haven't always been so eager to state openly. Perhaps because this is such an in-house event, they let some real truth bluntly slip out.

    Who was the speaker of that talk on Sweeter Than Honey? I didn't catch his name.

    BTW, does anyone know the current status on these schools? That is, is the school for single bros. still going? The one for couples too? Is the standard Gilead school still going? I can't keep them all straight.

  • blondie

    My husband told me that his last CO visit and elders school they were told they were the "mighty men" and that they had more holy spirit than then rank and file. He had me research that and no where in the official WT publications did I find that. In fact, there is a QFR that says that the anointed do not have more holy spirit than the non-anointed.

    Being an elder convinced my husband that the WTS did not have God's backing....more than anything else before that. He tried to be a kind person and help them and keep away from the cruelties of other elders, even standing up to them.

    There was a time that congregations were called companies...thus company men was accurate then.

    Didn't Jesus say that they would be caring shepherds....can't find the term "company man" in the bible.

  • Stealth

    If that's true, then the WTS GB would not have any problem coming to your aid if someone takes legal action against an elder.

    But they won't!

    How faithful and descrete is that?

  • Vidiot

    "Brothers are Spiritual Bureaucrats and Spiritual Company Men!"

    How uncharacteristically honest of them.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Indeed, VIDIOT.

    bu·reau·crat ˈbyo͝orəˌkrat/ noun

    1. an official in a government department, in particular one perceived as being concerned with procedural correctness at the expense of people's needs.

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