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  • suavojr

    As always jgnat with a great comment!

    At least my pastor when he did his family talk, did not guarantee perfect happiness. He likened the principles of a good marriage to the framework of a house. We are all still battered by storms.

    Now that is a talk I would love to hear!

    Reminds me how when I gave a talk a year ago (98% of the material taken from Christian Pastors) the R&F loved it! People actually had watery eyes while I was talking.

  • Laika

    Ah, the solution to family happiness is patriarchy, great.

  • darkspilver

    @Oubliette: What? They're planning a special talk, oh, excuse me: a Special Talk, in 2015!!!

    Why the fake surprise? Or haven't you read their Kingdom Ministry for September 2014?

    Special Talk: Sunday, April 12,2015:

    Memorial: Friday, April 3, 2015:

    They'll be advertising both events by means of a printed invitation in the four weeks leading up to the Memorial event

    That's all folks!

    DarK SpliveR

  • SAHS

    “Jehovah’s purpose to have one large happy human family without factions . . . but evidently not without fractions!

    (Sorry. I just couldn’t resist.)

  • St George of England

    Ahhh...SHIT!!! I was hoping for " Is it REALLY later than you think?!"

    I just want to shout the F-word as loud as I can for several minutes to express my outrage. FFFF.........…............................... ( 10 minutes later)...... UUUUUCK!!!!!! Sorry, I know I curse sometimes.


  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Interesting that they mention the husband as family head and the role of the children, but where is the submissive wife? I did not see the wife's role or her place in the family in this outline...?

    And of course they never mention other important family members, such as siblings, grandparents, or other extended family.

  • WTWizard

    Yea, right. Joke-hova is the real wicked one, and the wicked angels are the ones that are loyal to that thing. Some of the Nordics have sided with joke-hova, and they are wicked. The grays, reptilians, and draconians are also wicked and work alongside joke-hova. On the other hand, Satan and His Demons are working against jokd-hova's tyranny.

    Family happiness among the jokehovians is impossible, even if they don't somehow trash marriage even more. Financial woes caused by excessive demands, draining their time and energy, and worrying about a child that as much as questions whether the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger is even telling the truth all preclude happy family life. It is all about doing more pointless work for no reward, as in communism. And they are using that fake jesus crap to bring in the new communist tyranny. Jesus is nothing more than the archetype of the perfect slave and a thought form to funnel psychic energy into this communism. That thing, along with the evil god joke-hova, will thrust communism into us all and undo all Satan has done to try and liberate us so we can enjoy life.

    And, to make matters even worse, I am looking for the Kool-Aid or Grand Boasting Session discourse thoroughly trashing new marriages. Right within their own LIE-ble is all they need. Paul has written that marriage is for those who do not have the self control to abstain from fornication, past the bloom of youth, and "this is the way things should take place" (whatever the fxxxthat means). Yet, the same LIE-ble has listed as one of the fruitages "self control"! If I wanted to damn souls, it would take me a good 15 minutes to develop these into a catch-22 against marriage. You can only do it if you lack self control, or you are not doing all you can for joke-hova (that scripture admonishes singleness if you can possibly, and in the absolute sense, refrain from fornication any other way). Yet, if you lack self control, you don't qualify for marriage. A good writer could write the article in a half a day--and that day, it would be printed in a Kool-Aid.

    Worst of all, Saturn will be in Sagittarius (or, if it is late enough, it will retrograde into Scorpio for 3 months before returning to Sagittarius). If this smut is delivered in April or May, many will be suckered into it--this "promise" of happy family life with Saturn in Sagittarius does more to the unwitting than with Saturn in Scorpio (because Saturn Sagittarius is good for cults). It also threatens those trying to leave (authority, judges siding with the washtowel, is also favored by Saturn/Sagittarius) and new ones entering these cults.

    For sure, now is a great time to cut off donations. Do not donate anything to print this smut. Rather, anyone that donates is advised to stop, if you haven't already, and put the money into a personal emergency preparation fund. (You might choose to spend it to enjoy life--if you are already comfortable with your preparations.) If enough people refuse to support it now, they will be struggling financially when the golden opportunity strikes for them. And, if they can't get this smut printed before Neptune reaches 9 degrees of Pisces, the dollar is liable to become toilet paper at any time between then and late 2016. Real estate, stocks, and currencies based on debt all crash. The washtowel takes a bath, and they are more worried about staying afloat than in expanding their damnation message to families and marriage. People cannot donate because they themselves are affected both by the poverty workings and hyperinflation. And, they might just be distracted enough to not be able to do their damnation working against family life (and sex).

  • sowhatnow

    hmm, if jesus is mediator only for the 144,000, then why arent they 'ruling' over the flock?

    or better yet, where does it say that in the bible?

    sadly in that organization, the 144,000 have no honor anymore

  • eyeuse2badub

    So starting with jehobers own family, why wasn't it perfect and happy? How can jehober expect imperfect men to have perfect, happy families when he doesn't? Or is a this a classic case of; "do as I say , not as I do"?

    From the very beginning of the bible, there have been absolutely no perfect, happy families. In fact the opposite is true. Even so called divinely blessed men had families that were pretty messed up. These special talks, of which I have given 5 during my elder years, are so empty and lame. The only thing "special" about thes talks is that they are labeled "special".

    just saying


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