I phones...I dont understand it?

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  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    Alwaysbusy: May i suggest " The Rebel" with Nick Adams. Its briliant and unlike your hero Clint Walker, or James Arness in " Gunsmoke" the hero " Jonny Juma" is a guy about 5ft 8 in sature, so i canwatch it and believe i could be him.( Ironically your hero Clint Walker played " Jonny Yuma" in the movie)

    Trust me if you like the old western sitcoms " The Rebel" with Nick Adams is quality.

  • Heath N
    Heath N

    I just bought a LG-G3 Smart Phone with the Pad included from AT&T

    for $212, which I thought was a good deal. However, the instructions

    included are not good.

    Anybody that can give me information on navigating this type of technology

    would be appreciated.

  • JWdaughter

    Eh, my samsung galaxy something works pretty darn good. I have a really cute pink case on it and really, if I can call and text then what else matters? I don't answer the phone (or care where it is) half the time. It is here for my convenience and no one elses and now that I have googlemaps mastered and all my numbers in there, why upgrade? You know they will break or get lost or stolen usually before they go totally obsolete.

    I'm very content:) Aren't folks OVER the whole I-Phone thing yet?

    I wouldn't stand in line to see Jesus arrive. As we have seen, even that is a wasteful use of expectation!

  • ShirleyW

    I'm sure my Samsung S5 does everything the iphone 6 does.

  • hamsterbait

    Shirley W -

    I am sure your pink high heels make you taller like all the others. But: Are they JIMMY CHOOs?

  • Caedes

    Well caedes i am kind of passionate about " PUSSY" Cats.

    New hope,

    You do know putting quotes around that makes it look like you are being suggestive? if so oo-err missus! otherwise me too, I have two cats.

    I love my iPHone 4s. I won't be queueing up for the latest. I am ticked off because iOS requires 4 gig's of memory and is demanding I remove all my photos to make room. Well, what in the heck do I have an iPhone for, anyways?


    That's ok, just put a memory card in the memory card slot and download them to that! Oh wait nevermind you said iphone!

    Sorry, couldn't resist!

    I used to have an iphone 4 and really liked it...apart from the lack of memory card slot of course!

  • j dubb
    j dubb

    No, there is no legitimate reason for anyone to stand in line for days/weeks to buy a phone. After the line is served, you can walk into the store and get one. It is complete and utter stupidity.

    I believe a number of those people that are first in line are paid by Apple marketing to hype up the latest phone release.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    The modern obsession with digital telecomms technology is truly pathetic.

    There's sections of society which are basically permanently plugged into and hopelessly addicted to their smartphones and ipads 24 hours a day.

  • LP97

    People obsessed with Apple products are ironically quite similar to dye-in-the-wool JWs who just can't get enough of the Borg.

  • WTWizard

    It is a complete waste of time, especially if you have an older model that works fine. If you already have the iPhone 4 or 5, you are wasting time to get the 6 version (not to mention, money). If your phone is not working despite installing the latest software or is not compatible with today's software and you cannot load the latest software for memory or other hardware issues, it makes more sense to wait until the iPhone 6 is available without a line (and probably without the bugs that most new products carry).

    This is similar to what we were supposed to do as jokehovians when the hotel rooms were first listed. That night, there was a mad rush for the phones to call only to find all hotel rooms are full. You just wasted a good chunk of the night and probably the equivalent of a couple of silver quarters on long distance tolls, only to not find a room. If you simply dog it at that time, they will hound you for putting it off. I used to dog it in January, because every year there would be another list posted without fanfare in early April. At which time, I would call. One call, one long distance charge, one ten-minute session, and done. The rooms are no worse than the bedbug motels offered in late December or early January when you are to jam the phone lines, wasting time on busy signals and "No vacancy" messages (not to mention your phone bill).

    This also goes for the latest of most things technology. My computer was bought in 2006 and still works fine, albeit with an upgraded hard drive, 3 GB added RAM, fresh upgraded power supply, and new Windows 7 installed. A brand new computer would probably be not that much better after a few months and lots of wasted money installing new software. And, by the time the hard drive goes bad in 2017 or 2018 (or 4 GB, the maximum my motherboard allows, is not enough), hyperinflation should already have come (Neptune crossing 9 Pisces is the trigger). Internet II could already be reality, and wasting time lining up for the latest model will not be cost effective. This one should then last until I can get the new model for a silver eagle and set up time.

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