"Jehovah's Witnesses do better after surgery without transfusion" - Article (July 3, 2012)

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  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    What gets me about this.....EVERY freaking time.....is that it is either a scriptural issue OR a medical one.

    Don't make the argueemnt that blood is bad medicine to try to bolster your case, if the arguement that it is good medicine doesn't matter because its a scriptural issue.


    Just prove ANYTHING about bloods main components from the bible. ANYONE?!?! I'm begging you! The stupidity of making an argument about forbidden components is, well watchtarded!! I can't have plasma because it's blood?!? Can I have water but not have one oxygen molecule, followed by two hydrogen molecules?!?! FRIGGIN Watchtards!!!!


  • sd-7

    What has to be remembered here is, it is not simply by virtue of being a JW and refusing blood that these patients fared well. They were obviously given some very good medical care by trained professionals, and great precautions were taken to minimize blood loss. In the absence of the kind of resources used in these scenarios, the JW who refuses blood might well not fare nearly so well.

    In other words, there's nothing magical happening here. You can't claim it's the result of obedience to Jehovah, because it's not. It's the result of good medical care that takes their personal beliefs into consideration and devises smart ways to work around them and still give the patient the best care.

    Let's also remember that a JW going to medical school would be considered as seeking glory for himself...unless he gets called upon for the privilege of serving at Bethel, I suppose...



    The transfusion issue aside, why don't devout JWs all practice strict vegetarianism?? That way they would avoid 'eating blood' as is supposedly commanded by the Bible? I don't see many Witnesses....Elders and DOs especially....refusing to eat a nice roast or steak, both of which CONTAIN BLOOD, Witnesses make a big deal about following the Bible by 'not accepting blood' yet they eat blood every time they consume meat. Witnesses can try to justify this all they want, but they are being totally two-faced about what Bible laws they follow. Ask the next Witness you run into whether they consume blood-containing meat or not. By the way, COOKING meat does NOT magically remove all the blood contained in it!!!

  • Apognophos

    Well, the Israelites ate meat too. So clearly the command to drain blood was sufficient to meet the requirement of not eating blood.

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