Will the kingdom hall of jehovahs witnesses signs eventually come down?

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  • hoser

    It is clear that the leaders of the jehovahs witness religion are rebranding. So as a strategy they could have both the jw.org signs and kingdom hall signs running at the same time and then in a few years instruct congregations to remove the kingdom hall signs. This happens all the time with commercial products when there are mergers and company takeovers.

    Will they even be called Jehovahs witnesses 10 years from now?

  • nicolaou

    The Kingdom Halls will eventually be made redundant and sold off in a colossal cash grab. I'm convinced of this.

  • hoser

    As soon as there are no kingdom halls there is no following. You have to have a physical place to keep people indoctrinated.

  • Apognophos

    They could meet in homes like the first Christians. As long as the basic control structure of literature, elders, and DFing is in place, it would still work about as well. That being said, I do not expect to see all KHs sold off. The change itself would be too shocking to the JWs because they tend to have a superstitious attitude towards the KH as a safe haven in which the world can't hurt them.

  • Scully

    Perhaps there will be increasing paranoia fostered regarding coming Persecution™ as tensions escalate between the extreme Christian and Muslim factions, and pressure on government to enforce separation of church and state which will become fodder for WTS leaders to push a more urgent end times agenda.

    Maybe JW.org will eventually become a hub for active JWs to set up WTS approved virtual meetings, with congregations meeting online to receive instruction directly from the GB. It would negate the need to have a dedicated house of worship, meaning property could be sold, and the revenue put directly into the WTS's pocket. Then the funds that would otherwise be donated to maintain the KHs could be sent directly to the WTS by individual JWs. Each Publisher™ could be appointed as a licensee, with permissions to print out (at their own expense) literature such as magazines, brochures and tracts.

    It's a brilliant idea, because it simultaneously isolates JWs from one another, while creating the illusion of a progressive Worldwide Brotherhood™. The power of the cult psychology will become more entrenched, making it easier for more extreme, i.e., Loyal™, JWs to spiral into very dangerous mindsets, open to suggestion that might otherwise be dismissed in the presence of more rational minds.

  • Crazyguy

    The name will stay, with out the name they can't continue to think their special better then all other Christians.

  • Phizzy

    I see the re-branding as wishing to get rid of embarassments of the past. The very name Jehovah's Witnesses is a great off-putter , and the guys driving the re-branding know that, hence JW.Org

    "Kingdom Hall" for a place of worship now sounds both antiquated and weird. I am sure it will fall by the wayside, to be replaced with what "cool" new name I know not, do they even need a name for it ?

    Yup, I think the old signs will go.

    I passed by my old K.H the other day, no JW.Org sign up as yet, but my lot were always slow to adopt change, purely out of cantankerousness, not conservatism.

  • JWdaughter

    I totally see them getting rid of KHs. Remember the video with folks meeting in a basement? They are getting their folks excited for all the coming persecution. I am pretty certain that they will create some for themselves in some sort of way.

  • hoser

    It would be definately be cheaper to download more of the costs on the publishers. Place of meeting and printing of literature. They would lose a revenue stream from renovating and selling kingdom halls

  • Splash

    "Donation Station" seems more fitting.


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