Watchtower/Telecom Ownership Agreement!

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  • Crazyguy

    Wallsofjerico may have the best explanation, because if they wanted to filter jw's away from learning stuff on the internet all they would need is an app or program like Explorer that they would tell their slaves to download and use.

  • JHK
    Governing Body is the big brother in a real sense for the 5,000 Bethelites. It also protects the Society's data flow by owning the telecommunications company.

  • notds

    Sooooo... I'm not a JW. But I used to work for a contractor the JW's used to build their fiber network.
    I found this page actually looking for any photos they may have re-leased of their super tidy cabling they do.

    I'm having a laugh at this page because I was fairly skeptical about their huge operation etc when I first got involved.

    But since I've worked for them directly, I can answer some questions honestly about the whole thing without fear of getting fired or whatever. I've moved on, the project is mostly over and so on..

    The JW's are a huge, corporate like, church. They get donations and are shielded from tax stuff. That being said, I've noticed that they prefer self reliance for just about everything down to housing, and food. They will straight up give their help, a place to stay, car allowance, and so on. A bit cult-like in that regard in my personal opinion. But I will say after spending years around them they are just people in a situation always trying to present their personal best... I don't know if it's from pressures from being in that sub-culture, or if they really feel like God is watching and judging them for being a good person. I don't know. But the workers seem like decent people. Doing their best to be goody-la-las all day. Look sharp and do their best work. Seems like OCD heaven. Def, not my scene. lol.

    But realistically it's a life style and a sticky commitment, another world people get sucked into like the military. You don't do what your told, you get disfellowshipped, and all the benefits from being on board get revoked. No different than a dishonorable discharge in the military.

    ANYWAY.. about their fiber. I was nosey and asked the same questions you all did. But I was privy to get direct answers. So I'll share.

    Why do you need your own fiber network? They don't. They were renting fiber from Lightower (now Crown Castle I think. I've done work for them too. ) like everyone else does in the NY metro area to go from site to site. It's just absurdly expensive. Not, own a fiber network expensive but it could easily pay for it's self in time. It's definitely a much better deal and more self reliant as they like to be.

    I'm sure they got the idea to investigate what it would to take to traverse their fiber across the street or down the road after going from building to building a few times.

    I asked why QCS?

    The short answer, you can't be a church and rent pole space. You can't even be a regular corp. You have to be a registered communications company and have a license to do so etc. I think this one was going out of business in some far off state. I don't know for sure, but it may just be a company now owned by someone who share's their beliefs. I know it all seems weird. But it's not really.

    Also there's a lot of insurance polices and liabilities that go along with putting anything at all on a utility pole.
    Cars hit them, it's an insurance thing. Something happens to the other carriers on the utility pole, insurance.

    I will say though, I am GLAD I could tell people QCS was putting up cable rather than JW.ORG, the people who knock on your doors. LOL.

    What else? I know they inadvertently helped out a few other operations by exchanging fiber with them etc. So they actually helped build infrastructure. I won't talk all their business but I will say I was involved with one project that actually made things safer for the public because industrial places that have a tendency to blow up can communicate better now when things need attention.

    I question the hell out of authority, could be labeled anti-establishment, go against the grain, and think everything is a conspiracy. So what's my take on the whole thing?

    I can't speak for the higher up head honchos over there in Jehovah world. But at face value, the people involved and their private network aren't so sinister. They just need a lot of fiber because they have a lot of sites, and houses.

    I know they provide workers internet in their housing too, but they make sure people aren't watching porn! WHAT FUN IS THAT?! lol. (Sorry God. I like porn.)

    What else? I think they also need the data speed for all the videos they make about their beliefs, video editing and sharing of large files.

    I read somewhere they were handling and data basing their own abuse cases and keeping a data base of info on the abusers and didn't turn it over to the police.

    I see the argument there. But in the same sense, do we expect catholic priests to call the police on the people that confess stuff to them? I think it was something like that. It probably really pisses the NSA off that it's a closed internetwork. I like that. As someone who works in IT, I would do that shit myself if I had the ability to do so.

    Anyway. I've been inside their whole operation. Helped build it etc. From what I gather it's just being Jewish for white people. The Jehovah thing was just how the Greeks? were mispronouncing the Hebrew YHWH / Yahweh at the time. I can’t say anything bad about them. Other than I don’t really enjoy the door knocking thing. I used say I was going to fuck with them endlessly the next time they knocked on my door. But now perhaps I just won’t answer again.

  • notds

    Oh, and another thing.. They have tons of fiber. They can pay companies like the one I used to work for who have huge liability insurance to work on the lines when needed or if they go down.

    I'm sure QCS as a company will do well with the dark fiber agreements and rentals.

    After going back further reading comments, there seems to be a lot more adversity than I even expected towards em here. But that's again understandable for people who don't like their door knocked on etc..

    So one with a negative view would say oh that's fucked up that they would have income from putting up a fiber network.

    I asked that question too.. and I'm pretty sure with a lot of beating around the bush because the whole church associated telephone company is new legal territory. But the idea is that it would make it's way back to the Church organization.

    And personally, I don't see a problem here. If the knocking is really about converting people so that they can get the donations they need to operate. Then by all means... sell your damn fiber and leave people alone when they're trying to watch their TV show.


  • notds

    And another thing I'll say honestly despite compensated well by these people for the work I did. If any of you are reading... sorry.

    After being dispatched to the major JW sites in the area, I find it funny that if you found yourself annoyed at the door knocking and wanted to retaliate by doing the same thing, you'd be greeted by a front gate and security. You'd get no satisfaction at all.

    Not that I would do that. I just have sideways eye for that part. (Semi-guilty laugh)

  • notds

    And another thing, I'll be careful when I say compensated well by them. I meant that they gave us a lot of work, my company gave them the bill, and they paid it. It's not like they were being frivolous with people's donations. And I'm sure it could easily be spun that way here. I just wanted to say that also.

  • blondie

    I hate it when someone pulls up an old original post. Why not start a new one and put on a link to this?

  • Diogenesister
    Notes From what I gather it's just being Jewish for white people.

    Boy you definitely nailed it quick LoL!!

    And you are absolutely right, being a cult ( or high control group) they don’t just have physical walls to stop other belief systems encroaching on them they have MENTAL WALLS ( or thought stopping techniques). They absolutely will not listen to anything that may conflict with their belief system ( Satan y’know!).

    Oh and we don’t object to door knocking, we are mostly ex believers or trapped inside members and we object to the fact there is no way to leave without loosing our family and friends as they are made to shun ex members. We also object to their protecting peadophiles ( that database you mentioned) and the fact thousands of witnesses including children die needlessly through the blood ban.

    Intesting your analogy with the military. We have members with prison records for refusing the draft, yet you are right there are many similarities.

    Everything you wrote is very interesting. Am I right in understanding they are earning money from selling cable??

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