Do the Governing Body believe their own teachings or know it's a lie? Are they atheists?

by BucketShopBill 43 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • cultBgone

    There is no way they believe their own bs, otherwise they wouldn't need to have the disfellowshipping whip ever at the ready. They teach fear, not love, so of course they don't believe in the nonsense they shovel.

  • DesirousOfChange

    You can come to believe the craziest things in the world if you surround yourself solely with individuals who are never allowed to disagree with you.

    Yep. Mitt Romney thought he would win the election!


  • Finkelstein

    Do the Governing Body believe their own teachings.

    They believe what the teachings of the WTS. has done for them in regards to their personal stature and interminable power and control, in their position of

    running a world wide religious publishing house.


    Must remember most GB members were once elders, CO's or DO's, at those established positions they were aware of the power they held within the organization as well.


  • BucketShopBill

    How can a 19 year old kid read websites like JW Facts, JW Struggle and "JW Problems" and see the religion as told to me tonight "Is utter bullshit and nothing more than a money making scam"? I was not aware one of my kids believed the Watchtower was a bunch of lying thieves and showed me more about Miracle Wheat and Beth Sarim" than I knew myself.

    Here's the kicker what my kid said regarding his COBE Uncle, "you know it's the only religion that allows education impaired individuals to keep a sense of power over mentally challenged JWs occupying Janitorial jobs. They are not real clergy, they have no education and the Elders I know I always thought hated the Flock!" I was shocked a young person would feel the Elders hated the Flock, I guess the cruel Elders and Elderettes are noticed by the young Ex-JWs, boy do my kids loath the religion now! They feel robbed!

    Speaking of a JW who is long gone we both suspected discovered the Watchtower was a Scam in 2007 my child said "How come he did not tell us, I could have been out of this religion when I was 12 years old! I wish I would have left this Organization when my brother tried so hard and hard but his lifestyle was a joke so I discounted his message instead of examining the Cult. We all were trapped in this Cult because all the Prophecies had not expired "Worthless" like the "Generation" finally did.

    If a child can recognize a Cult, you know the Governing Body know they are not God's people unless they are Psychopaths and have no humility like so many of their hatchling Elders and Elderettes. I think the Governing Body are not Theists, I think they don't believe in a personal God and use the Watchtower because they are too old and where else can they be treated like gods and worshiped by JWs who think they have Jehovah's Cell Phone number?

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