How Many Silent Lambs Do you Know?

by Cassiline 39 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • target

    I knew one. She was five and was molested by a visiting Bethelite.


  • PopeOfEruke

    Personally, I know 2.

    One was a Congregation Overseer who physically molested his sons and sexually molested his own daughters for years. All the while running a congregation. He was finally disfellowshipped after getting his daughter pregnant. (She had a healthy son BTW).

    Another was an old paedophile alcoholic pioneer, who had the respect of everyone because he walked miles to conduct a Bible Study. He would grab young girls crotches in swimming pools and he sexually molested his own granddaughter. He is now dead and was never outed, though many knew of his paedophilia. After all, he was a "pioneer".

    I also saw a brother running his hands up and down a young sisters legs (all the way up too)(she was 15). Does this count?

    I was a child during all this so please, no comments as to why I didn't do anything about it.

    So thats 2 (or 3) for me.

    The Pope

  • Oreopandabear

    I know 3 Silentlambs.

  • Cassiline

    IF my addition is correct, 104. Counting all that mentioned knowing a silentlamb personally.

    ((((LB)))), one congreation!! It sickens me. ((((( Mulan))))))


    (((((((((((((( silentlambs and "not so silent" lambs everywhere)))))))


    When the pain of being where we are, becomes greater than our fear of letting go...we will risk and heal and grow.

  • LeslieV

    There is 6 just from my family.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    any more?

    A not-so-silent lamb

    Aspire to inspire before you expire

  • Cassiline

    110 + ??


    When the pain of being where we are, becomes greater than our fear of letting go...we will risk and heal and grow.

  • SloBoy

    We stopped at 45

  • Cowboy

    Only 1 for sure.(not counting some I met here)

    Nuff Said,

    "You've got to stand for something,
    or you'll fall for anything"

    Aaron Tippin

  • kat7302

    Im afraid to say that I know 20 silent lambs who all fell to one wolf. He was arrested for child abuse, accused of rape and also charged with sexual harrasment in the workplace. He was disfellowshipped but youll all be pleased to know that he has moved congregation and has now been reinstated! What a loving organisation the witnesses truly are. Sad to say, I knew the wolf, he was my uncle.

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