More Elaborate Celebrations International Conv. Atlanta

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  • NoMoreHustle

    THOMASCOVENANT: I hear ya completely! I am resenting all of this BS myself. I think back at how I gave up a pursuing a music career to pursue "Kingdom Interests" & get baptized etc. I wasted 20 years of my life & maybe could've had a music career of some sort. Had very connections growing up in music industry. Not gonna cry about it! But I would be lying if I said it doesn't bother me!

    Now it is OK for these ones to indulge in there musical fantasies. The WT are a bunch of "Hypocrites" telling people not to pursue goals, careers etc. Always keeping there "THUMB" on you. NMH


    Magnum: I am also an animal lover and I agree totally with your comments. How could Jehovah let helpless sick animals die while at the same time supposedly answering the prayers of JW GB glorified nobodies? The real answer is that their isn't a Jehovah. It's all made-up nonsense. To top it off, in my experience JWs don't really have much concern for animal welfare. So that says all I need to know about them and their silly-ass religion.

  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    I have seen a number of the convention videos and it is nothing like the religion I left 2 years ago.

    We use to do a "family night" and a "congregation picnic" but they were stopped because of direction from the GB. People even curbed gatherings in their homes because everything was so serious and there was counsel from the platform. Now all of the sudden there is singing, bands and dancing in the KHs. So what is it? Should they continue to have fun or go back to only going to meetings and field service and no parties or dinners?!?

  • stuckinarut2

    Two observations!

    1) There was a lot of hype and talk...but WERE THEY ACTUALLY ANY GOOD??????

    2) I bet they got to COUNT THEIR TIME doing this! What happened to the "URGENT PREACHING WORK" during these weeks or months of planning, rehersal and performance???

  • steve2

    One of my JW aunts had a fabulous voice and even cut a demo record in the early 1960s. However, her JW parents - my maternal grandparents - and her JW husband pressured her to stop her modest singing ambition because it was a form of self-idolatry and all devotion must go to Jehovah. She even wrote all her own material - unusual for a female singer back then.

    By contrast, in more recent years, newer generations of Witnesses have become ambitious in worldly pursuits - and there's no holding some of them back. Good for them, I say! Yet, I feel for the numberless older generations of Witnesses who were "persuaded" to let go of worldly entertainment.

    My aunt is still a JW and in her eatly 80s. I haven't seen her for years and wonder, Does she still sing? Or look back and ponder what might have been? How does she feel deep down when she sees the younger generations of Witnesses unabashedly engaging in self-glorification ad in these sorts of slick videos? I don't think she'd decry them their dreams - but I daresay she'd struggle with more than a twinge of envy. "Saturday night and all the gangs together/and y'know we're gonna have one heck of a time..."

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    13 years ago our pioneer bunch got in trouble for modernizing kingdom songs...the Elders thought it was not respectful for songs made for worship. Sad to see so many talented people who stopped careers in music for Jehovah happy for a small taste.

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