More Elaborate Celebrations International Conv. Atlanta

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  • NoMoreHustle

    Found this video of the entertainment preperation for the delegates in Atlanta, U.S. This seems to be professionally done maybe outside sources or probably done by "Professional" JW's. This is just like Christendom or all the other religious organizations that they deem to be from the devil. The people seem to be very sincere in there efforts & is much appreciated,

    BUT.... This kind of thing I thought was frowned upon. Not to be in the spotlight, not to make a show of yourself, not to have these aspirational yearnings in your life of being prominent in the "WORLD". It is such a double standard.

  • LogCon

    This sure ain't the religion I was raised in. Fred Franz must be rolling in his grave.

    I don't think we're in Kansas any more Toto.

  • Abe Ostate
    Abe Ostate

    The guy about two minutes in who says that being a country star in Nashville "doesn't even compare" to being able to perform at this JW... pageant, I guess, is utterly delusional. It just shows the character of this religion: it's a place for failures, cynics, the jaded riffraff of society.

  • Quarterback

    I found it interesting. I was impressed with the 83 year old singing on the Base section. They actually used the word choir for singing WT songs.



    ................All Sizzle.....No Steak!..


    ............................................................... photo mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

  • zeb

    Well well does this mean the old dying 'Sauls' of the gb have been forced to realise that people have a need to sing .. and sing out! what singing and clapping? Good grief whats next a hall choir with hours as counted?

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    They are re-inventing themselves...

    They need positive emotions to replace and disguise the disappointment of 100 years of Jesus doing nothing.

  • millie210


    So now the witnesses are comin round to the idea that music stirs the heart emotionally? Mentioning King David to give the scriptural "back up" for this hugely unique idea?

    What about the majestic music in cathedrals? Or to be more modern day, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir?

    Did they think the same thing about music stirring the heart? Why yes they did. And they were WRONG WRONG WRONG (according to the JWs of yesteryear).

    But now, all the sudden, they have "found" this to be a good idea?

    Heres the thing I hate about all of this:

    It seems that the Governing Body is feeling their way. Just like a person trying to move in a dark room full of objects, they are putting their feet out carefully, trying not to get it "wrong".

    So where in that is the guidance of Holy Spirit?

    It was almost sad watching this video where they desperately try to "tie it all in" with scriptural reasons why it is "ok".

    Who ever told them it wasnt?

    Oh yeah. The leadership. The same ones now cautiously "allowing it".

    One last thought, liked the trendy 5 o clock shadow on the opening commenter. Guess he was too busy to shave.

  • androb31

    I agree millie210.

    So, in a nutshell the WT is finally catching up w/ evil "Christendom" as far as using music as an emotive and inspirational manner of worship. Wow! What a discovery! Way to go WT (You'd think they invented it the way JW's are going on about it) Thank goodness the octo-pope (or is it the septic-pope) has finally given it's blessing and allowed music to become relevant. Hopefully some day they will allow the internet to become relevant too. Oh wait......

  • Emma

    There is so much joy in singing in a choir or being part of an orchestra and these folks get only a temporary taste. It should be an always activity for them. And the young woman who gave up a promising career for the kingdumb. How many of the GB and other higher-ups live from hand to mouth like she thinks is right?

    "Jehovah's music." How cultish that sounded!

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