London Press Conference on CULTS and UNDUE INFLUENCE - Aug 22, 2014

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  • TJ Curioso
    TJ Curioso

    I have mentioned certain books, on earlier posts adressed to TJ curioso

    What books? When I ask about books to help people that are in destructive cults, You only mention the Morelli's book, wich I think is not to help people that are in cults.

    I say:

    "I would like you to leave here a list of books that you think may help to inform the common people about the destructive sects."

    Until now You don't give a single book about what I ask.

  • Ruby456

    pls send me a pm enzo.

    From a psycological perspective here is an article on how the word cult can have damaging consequences for recovery and how psychologists and sociologists should avoid using the term. Instead the article argues the focus should be on social and psychological influences of high demand groups that anyone (not just vulnerable people) would succumb to if they experienced the full weight of it. In this way ex members are not stigmatised as somehow deficient enough to have succumbed but treated as normal people who have been entrapped. A treatment facility in a treatment setting can then go on to home in on any manipulative abuses that occurred.

    edit: In our own perception though the word conjures up all the connotations of abuse we want to convey but don't be dismayed if your therapist wants to focus on the complex web of high demand and abusive effects rather than use the term cult and appear to be dismissive.

  • Enzo

    Ruby456: I tried to send you a Pm, but I failed.. I have to figure it out.. But these are my favourite books Recovery from cults: Michael Langone, and Cults in our midst:,Singer.. Very interesting.. By the way if you want yo can also send my a PM..greetings Enzo.

  • Ruby456

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  • Ruby456


    Police officials say the statistics prove their approach is working.

    "In 2013, we had 30 young people go to Syria," said Jorgen Ilum, Aarhus's police commissioner. "This year, to my knowledge, we have had only one. We believe that the main reason is our contact and dialogue with the Muslim community."

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