Well, it was a fine week to LEAVE!

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  • RagingBull

    ....well, I was going to wait. Go out with a BANG!? not really. For what?

    I decided (like many others this week!) to LEAVE!

    IF you are MENTALLY OUT - AWESOME! but if you have family and people you depend on that are still IN, I can understand your reason for sticking around.

    But maybe this will help you make up your mind;

    There will be wild emotions during your exit. From you and those you notify. You will get over it once you've made up your mind that NO ONE ELSE CAN CHANGE YOUR MIND about your decision. I promise, it may happen sooner than you think.

    Gather all of your bills together....put them on a table in front of you and read who they are addressed to. Ask yourself WHO PAYS your bills and feeds you and/or your family? NOT THE WATCHTOWER.....NONE OF THE ELDERS!....ONLY YOU!

    As EX-JWs we realize that we will not be BULLIED by a money-grubbing ORGANIZATION! THEY are NO BIG DEAL!!! TAKE BACK YOUR POWER! MEET with the BODY? FOR WHAT!? YOUR MIND IS MADE UP! YOU no longer play by THEIR RULES. You laugh at them and their make-believe authority!

    SHOW EVERYONE THAT YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH LEAVING IT ALL BEHIND BECAUSE YOU FOUND OUT THE REAL DEAL! YOU CAN DO IT! The MORE people start leaving, the MORE others will notice and will have a NEED to find out WHY so many are leaving so fast...so frequently.

  • sparrowdown

    Here, here RB!

    This cult has no real power over anyone, only the illusion of power.

    People are hoodwinked into believing they are as good as dead

    if they leave, that is a wicked lie.

    Yes, it tests out friendships, loves and loyalties to leave,

    but any who really care about you may just follow you out the door.

  • Crazyguy

    Yep if a lot start leaving and not shun thier fellow former brothers then the tide will change and they will not be able to get it back.

  • Mum

    Good for you! Congratulations and welcome to freedom! People are such creatures of habit that most of them just go along with the program because it's easier that way.


    Good for you for making the CHOICE to leave the JWs. In actuality, both Leaving and Staying are CHOICES a person makes. If a person is 'stuck' in the Organization, then it is because they choose to remain there. There is no greater power in Life than the power of Choice! Be an adult, take responsibility for your life and your situation, and in an instant you can CHOOSE to take a different course. It takes courage, and you must face fears and uncertainties, but the other option is to stay in a permanent rut!! Whether you decide to quit the JWs or to say, either way you are making a choice regarding how your life will proceed from that moment. Choose wisely!!

  • darth frosty
  • abbasgreta

    It was gratifying to me to ponder that on the Tuesday night it was announced that the four of us (DA'd) were ...'no longer J..hovah's Witnesses' there would be

    some who would gasp in disbelief BUT that one or two would be sat there silently thinking...'Oh I wish I had the guts to get out of here too'.

  • Oubliette

    Well said!

    Welcome to the rest of your life!!!

  • OnTheWayOut

    Congratulations!!! Good luck!!! Cheers!!!

  • Phizzy

    Well done !

    Mrs Phizzy asked me this morning "Do you miss anybody from the Witlesses ?",

    I replied "NO ! they were ALL conditional friends, I miss my worldly friends who have moved away far more, and know that if I turned up at their house, we would be welcome, our friends from the normal world are not fake people, they are real people".

    So even the fear of losing frindships is not real, what you lose is not worth hanging on to. Yes, we really enjoyed the company of a few that we knew over the years, but they really are no loss at all.

    I was very much like you R.B when I left, I kind of set a date that I would gradually fade to, and then go no more, but one night I walked out of the K.H looked back at it, with sadness its true, but I thought "That's it, I am never going back". Never have, never will.

    I like the poster above "Do what is right, not what is easy".

    The only thing that is truly Right is to leave.

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