Sport Motorcycle riding anyone?

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  • SpeedRacer

    Just curious to see how many on here like to carve up roads. If so what type of bike and where do you ride.

    1987 Yamaha FJ1200

    1986 Yamaha FJ1200

    1985 Honda vfr500 interceptor

    1984 Yamaha FJ1100 Intercooled alcohol injected turbo Pro street.

    Dallas Texas is building a new 635 expressway that is going to be excellent. I have logged over 11,000 miles in the last 6 months on my 1987 FJ . I also enjoy riding in Arkansas on HYW7 and HYW540 going to Bentonville

    Safe riding all,


  • Simon

    I remember driving behind Gadget and seeing him become a dot in the distance as soon as we got on the motorway. It scared me and I wasn't even on the bike!

    Every summer I think about getting one but there are just so many stupid people on the roads here it puts me off - all truck and no brains.

  • LogCon

    1982 Honda 900 F

    2001 Concours - Kawasaki

    Fraser Valley

    Sea to Sky Highway - Vancouver to Whistler

    To Banff occasionally.

    Less and less these days. Traffic is increasing. 50,000 increase in population every year in lower mainland and drivers are

    C _ R_A_Z_Y !!!

  • prologos

    500 honda shadow. scary enough for my age. coastal mountain road. not scraping the footrests any more, but almost, most dry days

  • NVR2L8

    BMW K1200GT 2007 / BMW R1100RT 1998 / Honda ST1100 1991 / BMW K75 1987 / Honda Sabre V45 1981 / Honda CB750 Custom 1979 / Honda CB350 1972.

    Cross Canada/US tour including the Canadian Rockies, Road to the Sun, National Glacier Park, Yellowstone Park, Mount Rushmore, 11,000 km. Toronto to New Orleans 5200 km. Nova Scotia Cabot Trail. Tail of the Dragon-Blue Ridge Parkway...

  • RubaDub

    Still in and without being too specific, I do not have a Sport Motorcycle.

    But I do have one from a US company that has been business for over 100 years, has 103 cubic inches and it's the model from the factory with the look and feel of a 1970's chopper.

    (I probably blew my cover ... lol).

    Rub a Dub

  • Dis-Member

    I once test rode a Suzuki B-King and took it to 160 mph on stretch or motorway but it was too loud for me.

    SUZUKI B-KING - 1340cc

    I opted instead for this BMW R1200GS ADVENTURE which did a comfortable 147 miles per hour fully loaded.

    I bought it brand new and two days later took off on a 58,000 miles ride across 27 countries in one hit..


  • ABibleStudent

    2003 Suzuki SV650S - Great for commutting on crowded freeways, or riding along the beaches or through the mountains. Currently have ridden more than 54,000 miles on it.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • zeb

    Motor cross is big in this some towns and there was an Overseer of some rank turned up and told everyone that anyone taking part in that would not get a resurrection if killed because they had brought blood guilt on themselves. Serious stuff. Except no one in that cong was into motorcross.

  • GoneAwol

    R1200rt '09, Ducati 999 mono post '03, doing british national hill climb series, been to germany, switzerland, ireland, croatia with my good lady pillion. 20/40 oil runs through my veins. Restoring bsa bantam at mo with a friend. LOVE BIKES!!!

    Shiney side up! GA

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