"how did we do?" service meeting part

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  • nowwhat?

    the elder was just giddy with excitement! 20,000 hours put in! 14,000 tracts and brochures! mags, books yadda yadda.

    what no new bible studies started? , let alone not one new disciple. then came experiences, yippie! "had a nice discussion with a lady, she was comfortable in her religion though, but it was a nice conversation!" wow and to think i missed out on all that being inactive.

  • blondie

    They weren't told to engage anyone in conversation....they expected the holy spirit to send them to the KH..........

  • punkofnice

    she was comfortable in her religion though, but it was a nice conversation!

    Null point........apart from counting time.

    Speaking of which....

    20,000 hours put in

    19,999 lied about.

  • sporece

    On two different occasion as they were going D2D placing tracks to talk to me for 45 minutes. Rules broken.

    They left frustrated

  • Divergent

    20,000 hours? Seriously??? If there are a hundred pubs in ur cong, it would amount to 200 hours per person!

  • hoser

    The elder giving the part put a good spin on it but we are really a slack, materialistic congregation. I miss most midweek meetings for work and by chance I had the night off so I decided to show my face. Out of 110 publishers it looked like there were about 60 in attendance, and there were lots of missing husbands that were out working. Heck, some of the elders miss meetings when they are scheduled to work. A couple of the elders I rarely see(not that I attend very often) at the meetings.

    But back to the report. As a congregation we averaged just under 7 hours field service per publisher over the course of the year but like I said the service overseer put a great spin on it how good we did as a congregation cause people were sick and the weather sucked and next year will be even better.

  • nowwhat?

    that.s right 20,000 hrs! unfortunately i am in a very zealous congregation. needless to say i stick out like a sore thumb. btw next week we have the CO visit so he can tell us "can we do more?"

  • JWdaughter

    2.28 years of LIFE totally wasted. Not even just work hours. Over 2 years of LIVING just blown away. Just kinda sad.

  • LostGeneration

    That was a wake up call for me, when I had those parts and had to try to find an "experience" from one of the pioneers in the congo.

    When the best experiences were always "nice conversations" i realized I was participating in a circle jerk.

  • Divergent

    110 x 7 = 770 hours per month on average

    I think the 20,000 figure has an extra '0' in it

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