Skinny dipping in the new order?

by donny 24 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Phizzy

    I know when I was just becoming a horny teenager some much older Sisters I overheard were discussing this very point. I know you shouldn't eavesdrop, but I was facinated by the subject (natch) and by where the conversation went.

    They did not discuss the Bros much, apart from saying some would sure have to lose weight, but when they got on to the other sisters wow ! it was all whose breasts were larger and more impressive, who had the best legs, with comments about the young sisters like "Yeah, but her legs are bigger at the top than mine".

    I had to skulk away ..............

    p.s I remember one Sis gave as an idea that "Jehovah will give us all perfect bodies, we will all be beautiful". Yeah, that WOULD be a miracle,

  • donny

    My local JW source, a co-worker, has no answer for this. In fact he said it was the first time he had ever heard the question. Then he added, "What makes you think of these things?"

    I just replied "Inquiring minds want to know."


  • jws

    Think of all the converts they'd get if they started picturing their new world full of perfect naked people.

    Imagine going door to door and placing all of your magazines on the first block.

  • Apognophos

    The Society can just claim that they're depicting the Thousand Year Reign. During this time, they speculate that people will be brought to perfection gradually. And of course the unrighteous resurrected ones will be there. So actually it might make sense if everyone was still clothed until after the final judgment at the end of the thousand years.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I remember one Jw I talked to many years ago believe we would all be naked and living under bushes. No buildings for that would ruin the earth. So according to him we will all be naked running around doint nothing but finding a bush to sleep under at night. LOL Still Totally ADD

  • wallsofjericho

    no one ever seems to think about what shift they will work in the mine shaft or steel foundry plant.

    even making nails is a hot and dirty job.

    some talk about golf.... where are you gonna get the clubs? widdle your own? Shoes, belts, windows, roofing materials, lumber, sheering sheep to make wool, and leather??? what about leather??

    paradise will be a very hard life indeed

  • Quarterback

    According to rule 118, in the new scroll, spoiler edition, it says, "Everyone must strip off thier clothes". But rule # 119 says, " You must appoint, Chaperones from the four courners of the earth".

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    If JWs take care of their bodies in the New Earth the way they do in this current life, I think there'll be more chunky dunking than skinny dipping.

    So according to him we will all be naked running around doint nothing but finding a bush

    Being that everyone will be naked, finding bush should really not be a challenge.

  • TableForOne

    Donny, interesting thread, but you clearly haven't thought this through.

    Look again at the artwork at the end of your opening post - It contains CHILDREN.

    Of course all of the perfect faithful J-Dubs/resurrected ones will be naked, but if the F&DS print literature with naked, smiling children it will surely attract paedophiles to the Organization.

    The congregations would quickly become a paedo's paradise!

    Imagine that! Ugghh!



    Errr, hang on.

    Maybe it's me who hasn't thought this through properly.


  • Steve_C

    I remember folks in my hall talking about this decades ago, and they said something like this: Before the flood there existed the "water canopy" thingy, so the seasons and sun's intensity were mild and therefore no clothes were needed. However, now that the canopy is gone, clothes would be used even after perfection. I don't know if this idea was ever in print ("Apparently blah blah blah") or just wild speculation. Does anyone else remember hearing this?

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