Skinny dipping in the new order?

by donny 24 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Comatose

    The point to me is that before they ate of the tree, they were dumber or naive and innocent. It wasn't that they put on clothes so they wouldn't sin. It was just that they noticed their nakedness for the first time and for some reason got embarrassed. So they made clothes.

    In Paradise people would still have their memories. They would still know right from wrong. So they would still wear clothes. Only if they magically reverted to the naive and dumb stage would they stop with the clothes.

  • Comatose

    Wait... They just might not wear clothes in Paradise afterall. Getting more naive and dumb would be easy for them.

  • donny

    One person sent me a message stating that with the Society having all of the pedo issues, they may start showing pictures of nude folks in paradise. Then they can say they were ahead of the game long before paradise became reality.

  • prologos

    seeing perfect bikini-less bare babes would be an uplifting experience, pointing the way. better have a beach towel, fig leaf handy.

  • Comatose

    In Paradise imiagine this. 700 years into the 1k year rule and everyone is naked. Brother Kindhearted is directing some gardening project. As he walks the area being worked Sister RecentlyResurrected bends to pick up a garden tool. Her breasts hang seductively and her.... Let's say the view from "behind" leaves no questions about what anything looks like. Brother Kindhearted in growing panic gets an erection. Then because of that 4 or 5 wrinkles pop out on his forehead and his old back pain flares up. He gasps and runs to a mirror to see a few gray hairs. Curse this nakedness he shakes his fist in the air angrily and then a few more wrinkles pop back up.

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