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  • 88JM

    I'm sure this sounds like last year's C.O. talks still on the rounds - this can't be the new stuff surely?

  • label licker
    label licker

    Three Sunday speakers in a row telling the congregation that Jesus is mediator for ALL mankind is new. Some of the members from our former hall have mentioned this and wonder if society is quietly putting that "nu-lite" in so when someone notices they can say it's always been that way. I called the bethel to see if that was a new doctrinal change and they said no and then he asked what congregation and what speaker so I told them. Now I am going to call again so they can keep saying no until they have to wonder it themselves or at least wonder why their speakers keep making this announcement and without their eight golden calves approval.

  • prologos

    label licker, yes, that would be new, with ramifications, because

    Jesus the Mediator for ALL would mean the NEW COVENANT is for ALL (aka Other Sheep), the twelve tribes of Revelation 7, which they always admitted to be ALL the non-heavenly (144 000) of mankind.

    The Corollary?

    The OS too, All JWs make up the 'Israel of God',- not just the priestly 144 K.

    You-all were Spiritual Isaelites all along. now:

    If only there really was a talking snake, flood, talking ass--.

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