EBOLA -why should America take the lead in handling it?

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    Space Madness


    What could Africans trade with other countries when they don't have control of their natural resources? The answer isn't trade or aid. The answer is westerns leaving the continent and allowing the natives to control their own resources and government.

  • jgnat

    Well, they do have control of a large portion of their natural resources, don't they? And at some point their intellectual capital will be tradable as well. Prospering nations are trading nations.

    I am dead-set against isolationism. It only hurts the continent/country that isolates itself.

  • little_Socrates

    Giordano excpt what you are saying about how it is spreading is NOT born out by the facts. While I don't think there is evidence of regular spread by air, there IS lots of evidence of spread through very casual contact. Norovirus does not spread by air... but we all know how easily and fast that virus spreads.

    This is why this important. If the current rate of spread contenues there will hundreds of thousands of cases by December and will will be in the millions of caes in the first half of next year. Even if it stays in Africa there is still the potential of millions of deaths.

    With several hundred thousand cases by December do you really think they can keep it in africa?

    Every month you wait to act... the estimated cost of containing this grows by tenfold. We might already be too late, I pray we are not.

  • little_Socrates

    Just a bit of heads up so you know if the excrement is about to hit the fan.

    #1 Somebody catches the virus that has never been to Africa

    #2 Somebody catches the virus from an uknown contact (outside of Africa)<- If this happens anywhere near you assume the virus is everywhere and it wil be time to head for the hills.

    Life as you know it would radically change very suddenly some time between those two events, if not from the virus itself but by the actions of your government. In Libera they suddenly force quarented 70,000 people. They recieved no warning to stock up on supplies.

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