EBOLA -why should America take the lead in handling it?

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  • hamsterbait

    The Africans were slaughtering each other and selling their brothers to the Romans and Arabs (Arabic for a black African literally means"slave") long before europeans were there. The big chiefs just saw another market for a commodity.

    isnt it nice to know that the current corrupt leaders and murderers are only following an example set them, and therefore are not really to blame.

    They have just carried on doing what they have for millennia. I don't care about the past it's OVER it's not any of our faults in the here and now.

    I want to see them in charge of their future instead of this infantile victim mentality where it is always somebody else who has to save them, whether a witch doctor, or the west.

    and I did read Heart of Darkness.

  • hamsterbait

    As for China they continue their illustrious tradition of killing human beings on an industrial scale. They show terrified prisoners on TV as they are put on trucks to be driven off and executed - hopefully shot, rather than a death waggon where they are suffocated and their blood, corneas, skin and organs are harvested for medical use.

    how sweetly pretty they are doing something kind for all to see. They should be taking the LEAD for once. But maybe murdering dissidents in Tibet and Outer Mongolia is more important.

  • Magnum

    hamsterbait - I agree

    NAVYTOWN - I agree

    AlphaMan - I agree

    littleSocrates - Your comment seems reasonable and level-headed. I don't know what the danger to the rest of the world is.

    tootired2care - I agree

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who is irritated by this. Others want to dump on the U.S. yet they want to get everthing they can from it.

    U.S. leadership is wimpy. It's like the mother you see in Walmart who can't handle her children. She buys them everything and gives in to their every demand, yet can't control them and lets them walk all over her and totally disrespect her. Instead of getting tough she weakly pleads with them.

    I'm not against the U.S.'s helping others, but I agree with the comments made above about the others' stopping all their $hit and putting forth effort to solve their own problems first. I think the U.S. should toughen up and say "you're not getting a thing from us until you stop this and start that". And the U.S. should also demand that other nations - Saudi Arabia, China, etc. contribute an amount of help equal to what the U.S. contributes.

    I do feel exremely sorry for the innocent ones who need help, but the U.S. is like a ship. It can only "hold" so many people. If too many people board the ship, it will sink, and then it won't be available to help anybody. The U.S.'s land, resources, finances, etc. are finite, but it seems that many in the rest of the world think they are limitless. Many want the U.S.'s doors to open up to any and all who want to come in and receive free medical care and all kinds of other assistance. The U.S. is to solve all the world's problems... and then still get dumped on.

  • Razziel

    The danger to the rest of the world is this mutating and going airborne. For that reason alone, this needs to be snuffed out as soon as possible.

  • Magnum

    Razziel - if there is a danger of the virus mutating and going airborne, then I understand that it should be snuffed out. However, I think the rest of the world should praise the U.S. for its contributions - not piss on it.

  • Berengaria

    Who has pissed on this effort???

    Razziel is exactly correct. Not only is this our problem considering the global nature of the world, but we are capable. It's time our bloated military was used for something meaningful.

    I think Hamsterbait enjoys stirring up the natives.

  • Space Madness
    Space Madness

    Hamsterbait I think what fulltimestusent is referring to is the economic exploitation done to African countries by Europe in the 1900s. The reason why these countries are poor is because most of their resources were stolen and continued to be controlled by western corporations. If the people weren't so poor than we wouldnt see so much violence and lack of education. As to why America should take the lead. The country of Liberia was created by the United States so they bare some responsibility for its current condition. Also most of these dictators were put in power by western countries in exchange for access to their natural resources.

  • Magnum

    Berengaria - your comment is indicative of a lack of comprehension on your part. I didn't say anyone has specifically pissed on this effort. I said " I think the rest of the world should praise the U.S. for its contributions [in general] - not piss on it." (bracketed material added)

    The U.S. gets bad-mouthed, yet so many look to it for assistance. The U.S. does a disproportionate amount of the helping in the world.

    Why do you call the U.S. military "bloated"? Are you saying the U.S. military is oversized? Do you know what would happen if the U.S. didn't carry a big stick?

  • Berengaria

    I will politely refer to your avatar, and leave it at that.

  • tootired2care

    @space madness - The reason why these countries are poor is because most of their resources were stolen and continued to be controlled by western corporations. If the people weren't so poor than we wouldnt see so much violence and lack of education.

    If what you say is true, countries that have been exploited by those evil Europeans and western corporations, like Singapore, India, South Africa, Taiwan and others should be in squalor, and yet they are now largely prosperous nations. Now, why do you suppose that is? Could it be that these countries used the superior ideas about science and technology that were brought to them, and actually did something useful with them to benefit themselves? These poor countries only have themselves to blame. Don't buy into the liberal BS shrill idealogy that the U.S.A and Europe are bad and evil, and that it's their fault that these countries are poor.

    Even Obama’s half brother George stated that he believes it would have been better if the British had stayed longer in Kenya, for then the nation would have been more developed and better equipped to go its own way than it now is. At least someone has the courage to tell the truth, and stop hiding behind a veil of political correctness while blaming others.

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