How Do They Still Preach & Teach The "End" Is Right Around The Corner And Never Get Embarrassed?

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  • minimus


  • ilikecheese

    haha Keyser, poor Bartman. He must have been cursed by the goat, too.

  • Finkelstein

    They try to keep their people enslaved to ignorance.

    ... and thats how they control people's minds by controlling knowledge, they present knowledge and information that is supposedly

    going to enhance their survival through Armageddon.


    Since the WTS. puts forth a life or death situation in front of people they naively consume the doctrines to entail their actual survival.

    The WTS constantly subjects their listeners and readers with corrupt coercive doctrines, such as mankind is living in its last days,

    so they are psychologically pressed out of fear to pursue subservience and obedience to the WTS organization in

    all its entailing rules and provocations.

  • quellycatface

    That's where all end times religions fall flat.

  • BU2B

    Great first comment Sally, so true! welcome! Good to have you here.

    To answer Minimus question, they will just say how they encourage watchfulness. Even if they have had some "wrong expectations" its better to keep on the watch than be spiritually sleepy. Even the apostles made mistakes, we are not infallible, not prophets etc etc.

    They are a shining example of the proverbial "Boy who cried wolf". Their cries of the end being soon are more rediculous to us because we have all the old quotes showing that they have had the same rhetoric for over 100 years. Newer ones have legitimately no clue about the WT current teachings let alone the past ones. They are wilfully ignorant. All they know is to follow the 7 men in NYC even if it makes no sense. Tragic that people turn over their whole minds to others.

  • minimus

    They recycle the same old crap. Over and over again........


    How Do They Still Preach & Teach The "End" Is Right Around The Corner And Never Get Embarrassed?

    .............Because it is!!.....In whats left of their mind..



    .............................It`s Armageddon!!..


    .................................................................  photo mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

  • abbasgreta

    For 50 years I believed the 'soon' word. In 2007 something inside me snapped. Turning 50 was a real shock.

    They are liars, I said to myself. That sudden realisation broke the grip they had on me and knew I would never be the same.

    After a five year battle with the sheer fear of leaving, we exited in 2012.

    I look back now and just see those 50 years as a mere 'phase' I went through to make me what I am today! - happy and contented and at peace.

    I wish the same for all of you.

  • minimus

    abba, good 4 u!

  • Finkelstein

    If you look back at the marketing agenda of the WTS. you can see how the organization lured attention to its literature.

    Grand postulations such as Christ return (1874 and then 1914) and his choosing of the faithful and select .

    Gentile times supposedly ending 1914.

    6000 years of man's existence used twice, once in the early 1900's and then again in 1975.

    Millions now living will never die.

    All other religions are false and will be destroyed except the JWS who are a purer form of worship that has god's holy spiritual direction,

    hence the people who stay loyal and obedient will be saved at Armageddon.


    The catch is that the WTS. is showing how to be truer and purer form of godly devotion and worship so that those who follow the direction of the

    GB heads will have a much better chance of being saved.


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