The 7/14 APOSTATE study articles are preparing the rank and file for new light!

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  • blondie

    For those of us who lived through the 1980's during the Apostacy Era, an apostate under every bush, the big cleanout at Bethel, this is mild. In this case though the technology allows the ideas to spread faster and in a more behind the scenes, safer process.

    In the 80's it were the so-called in group that were the "danger" but now more of the rank and file know the real facts.

  • steve2

    Desirous of Change, I have nothing against elderly folk burying their spouses - but I would just like to caution: Please ensure they're dead first.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Desirous of Change, I have nothing against elderly folk burying their spouses - but I would just like to caution: Please ensure they're dead first.

    That could happen! Last District Regional Convention that I attended it was hard to distinguish the living from the dead.

    I think WTS is digging up old members to keep the seats filled and the numbers rising, cause there sure-as-sh!t aren't many new ones signing up.


  • rmt1

    ""Still, when exposed to unscriptural teachings..." - notice this method of brainwashing, they call apostate teachings, 'unscriptual teachings'. It's interesting that all ex jw's, it's based on the WT teachings not scriptual teachings. Infact the WT is what publishes 'unscriptual teachings', so everybody should reject the WT as it's apostate with it's unscriptual teachings. However they have people spun and convinced that bringing out the unscriptual teachings of the WT, and studying the bible by itself is apostacy, somehow the WT has become the bible and the bible itself has become 'unscriptual'."

    This reminds me of the book (Paradise?) with the illustration of the Early Church (Catholics?) burning a man for reading the Bible, with the Bible chained around his neck. Very visceral. This article's language is very threatening concerning reading your own copy of a book you paid for and using 'god-given' reasoning on those scriptures, whose general jist should be public domain if ever there was one.

  • Phizzy

    " 15 The overwhelming majority of Jehovah’s Witnesses are sincere in their devotion, but are easily misled. "

    Although the above is true, and was true of me and you when we were JW's, we were being misled by the WT every day, would you not have found this offensive when you were in ?

    I certainly did not think of myself then as "easily misled".

  • flipper

    " It appears that others were introducing controversial ideas ". Yeah. Like thinking for yourself ? THe WT Society uses this vague term " CONTROVERSIAL " and they throw it up on the wall so it will stick in the minds of JW's that ANY ideas that don't originate with the WT Society are controversial ! It's mind control tactics at it's most insidious best. Or worse- however you view it. With indoctrination like this most JW's will stay indoctrinated. Through use of fear and guilt to scare them away from using their own minds. Peace out, mr. Flipper


    Blonde yes it is happening all over

  • ilikecheese

    haha When will they have an Emmanuel Goldstein and two minutes of hate?

    I'm also waiting for Caleb and Sophia to meet the anti-hero, Apostaman! It will be better if they're rescued by Anthony Morris in underwear and a cape.

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