The 7/14 APOSTATE study articles are preparing the rank and file for new light!

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  • EndofMysteries

    "Still, when exposed to unscriptural teachings..." - notice this method of brainwashing, they call apostate teachings, 'unscriptual teachings'. It's interesting that all ex jw's, it's based on the WT teachings not scriptual teachings. Infact the WT is what publishes 'unscriptual teachings', so everybody should reject the WT as it's apostate with it's unscriptual teachings. However they have people spun and convinced that bringing out the unscriptual teachings of the WT, and studying the bible by itself is apostacy, somehow the WT has become the bible and the bible itself has become 'unscriptual'.

  • JWdaughter

    People on this very site have told us of how they try to sneak in subversive ideas during comments and talks. Maybe Brooklyn is just trying to raise awareness of such ones :)

    Seriously, JWs that are subversive are not that way by accident unless they are innocent children commenting on the obvious nakedness of the emperor. The adults know how they are supposed to think already.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS. knows that their organization was created and sustained by unscriptural teachings and now they have to contend

    with the freely available information on the inter-net exposing that corruption.

    Essentially the WTS. are fighting the Truth about their organization, its inherent corruption and deceit as a religious publishing house.

  • Finkelstein

    The heads of this organization are in a fight to protect all that this organization has acquired, the money and the power.

    Placing a thicker wall around its members should be expected from that perspective.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    How about a more relevant re-wording of par. 15?

    15 The overwhelming majority of Jehovah’s Witnesses are sincere in their devotion, but are easily misled. It won't be unusual for those taking the lead - both in the Org and in the congregations - to adopt a deceitful form of worship deliberately, and abuse those under their care, because if it happened in Moses’ day and in the time of the early Christian congregation, it will also happen today. (2 Tim.3:1,5)

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, this hysteria the GB is creating is no doubt designed to "sift the beleivers from the doubters" as one elder in our congregation said!

  • SG098

    Im sure theres going to be some New Light (TM) at the upcoming Investors Conference....darn I mean annual meeting. BTW, has anyone heard rumors or anything about the annual meeting?

  • DesirousOfChange

    I seldom see WTS do anything with any serious amount of advance planning. They are almost always doing damage control.

    One example is the donation arrangement. Regardless of how it was spun, the fact is that it was the result of the Swaggart Ministry losing the Supreme Court case on taxation.

    I suspect these articles are also damage control. I have heard no small amount of "whispering" about the "overlapping generation" and the fact that it is 2014 and nothing has happened. Many, many elderly JWs are burying THEIR SPOUSES when in fact, they never thought they would bury THEIR PARENTS. It's all very clear that SOMETHING AIN'T RIGHT.

    Now, it's not outright "apostate" comments, such as asking if they are "false prophets", but it's just the fact that there is a lot of murmuring going on and it's worked its way back via COs & Bethel clergy to the WTS Clergy & GB.

    Damage control, yes.

    Damaged controlled? I hope not.


  • Clambake

    I think the society realizes now that any real sincere student of the bible would when carefully studying the bible would pretty much have to reject the majority of what they teach.

    For decades they tried to bambozeal everyone pretending like they bible experts with their 2 plus 2 = 7 and up really means down etc etc. I think the internet has really shown people how to cut though the bullshit and see it for the idol worship it is.

    Plan B- Just take your ball and go home.


    Clambake so true, when I was a devote rank and file member I remember distinctly asking myself during a meeting going over a questionable teaching:

    Could the WBATS be pulling the wool over our eyes with blatant and elaborate bull shit lies???

    I said to myself: nahhhh, this is Jehovahs Org and that can't happen...

    Oh how gullible we all were...

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