The 7/14 APOSTATE study articles are preparing the rank and file for new light!

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    I believe the last two WT studies in the 7/14 WT study articles were planned for this exact time and did not come about by happenstance... The JW CULT is preparing the rank and file for some faith altering "new light" to be announced fairly soon, and these scare tactics will do just the trick...

    The articles are preparing the rank and file to become apostataphobic, they have the rank and file in such a frenzy, even have them questioning themselves and their own motives for being in the Borg!

    With paragraphs like:

    If you hear someone that has doubts or questions about the Borg avoid them like the plague, and tell your local elders, but don't judge them!!!


    Even if you have your own doubts or questions keep them to yourself and ask yourself, why you are even a JW?

    If after all that you decide to stay we just ask one thing: That you to keep your mouth shut and LISTEN, OBEY AND BE BLESSED!!!

    If cognitive dissonance hasn't kicked in by now for the rank and file I dobut it ever will...

    This in effect quiets the dissenters before they even have a chance to think about dissenting, a proverbial nip in the bud...



    15 The overwhelming majority of Jehovah ’ s people are sincere in their devotion. It would be highly unusual for someone in the congregation to adopt a deceitful form of worship deliberately. Still, if it happened in Moses ’ day and in the time of the early Christian congregation, it can also happen today. (2 Tim.3:1,5) Should we, however, be suspicious of our fellow Christians, second-guessing the genuineness of their loyalty to Jehovah? Absolutely not! It would be wrong to entertain baseless suspicions about our brothers and sisters. (Read Romans 14:10-12; 1 Corinthians 13:7.) What is more, having a tendency to distrust the integrity of others in the congregation would be harmful to our own spirituality .

    16 Each Christian should “ examine his own actions. ” (Gal.6:4) Because of our sinful inclinations, there is always the potential for inadvertently adopting traits that are less tha n sincere. (Heb.3:12,13) So from time to time, we might examine our motives for serving Jehovah. We may ask ourselves: ‘ Do I worship Jehovah out of love for him and in recognition of his sovereignty? Or do I place more emphasis on the physical bles sings I hope to enjoy in Paradise? ’ (Rev. 4:11) Surely we can all benefit from examining our own actions and removing any vestiges of hypocrisy from our heart.

    7/14 WT ARTICLE - Jehovah ’ s People “ Renounce Unrighteousness ”

    “ Reject Foolish and Ignorant Debates ”

    8 By referring to those events of Moses ’ day, Paul was reminding Timothy of the need to take decisive action in order to protect his precious relationship with Jehovah. In itself, belonging to the Christian congregation was not enough, just as merely calling on the name of Jehovah was not enough in Moses ’ day. Faithful worshippers must decisively renounce unrighteousness. What did this mean for Timothy? And what lessons can Jehovah ’ s people today derive from Paul ’ s inspired counsel?

    9 God ’ s Word gives specific advice concerning the types of unrighteousness that Christians must renounce or reject. For instance, in t he immediate context of 2 Timothy 2:19, we find that Paul tells Timothy “ not to fight about words ” and to “ reject empty speeches. ” (Read 2 Timothy 2:14,16,23.) Some members of the congregation were promoting apostate teachings. Also, it appears that others were introducing controversial ideas. Even if the latter were not directly unscriptural, they were divisive. They resulted in bickering and arguing over words, creating a spiritually unhealthy atmosphere. Hence, Paul stressed the need to “ reject foolish and ignorant debates. ”

    10 Today, Jehovah ’ s people are not often confronted with apostasy within the congregation. Still, when exposed to unscriptural teachings, regardle ss of the source, we must decisively reject them. It would be unwise to engage in debates with apostates, whether in person, by responding to their blogs, or by any other form of communication. Even when the intention is to help the individual, such conver sation would be contrary to the Scriptural direction we just considered. Rather, as Jehovah ’ s people, we completely avoid, yes reject, apostasy.

  • 88JM

    Maybe not nescessarily "new light" but quite possibly more money-grabbing in the trend set over the last few months. New light on tithing, if anything.

  • Oubliette

    Adjustments: With paragraphs like: ...

    Could you please quote the exact, original wording with full citations (WT issue and page number). Your editorial paraphrase is interesting, but I'd like to also read and compare to the source text.



    BTW, love the word: Apostaphobic! Gonna' use it.

  • OneEyedJoe

    My guess is that they're simply preparing for the (uneventful) end of 2014. That's sure to leave many doubting. I'm sure that there are a good number of people (I myself did this at one point) that have doubts and said they'd give it till 2014 (on the rough estimation that a generation could last no longer than 100 years) and if nothing has happened they'll reevaluate.

    My theory, though, is that articles like this that stress how to treat those who might be appostates in the congregation aren't for the fully indoctrinated believers. These articles are to send a message to the doubters that they'd better keep quiet and stay in line or they'd effectively be shunned. With a system like that, you could have a congregation where everyone has the same doubts but they're all too afraid to say anything.


    88JM good point, the JW CULT uses the word "NEW LIGHT" for major changes, and the word "ADJUSTMENT" for something they had wrong or so called "misunderstood" in the past...

    Either way if it's new light or an adjustment, there is something brewing in the JW CULT pot!


    Oubilette just posted It...

    oneeyedjoe that is exactly what they want and my point, when the new light is released no one will want to discuss it for fear of being shunned!!! So it quiets the dissenters before they even have a chance to think of dissenting, a proverbial nip in the bud...

  • steve2

    Warnings are not inevitably preparation for new "understandings".

    Sometimes warnings are desperate attempts to hold together something that may not withstand the test of passing time (when 2014 passes, and we're well into 2015.....and nothing momentous has happened....).

  • nicolaou

    I agree with Oubliette, 'Apostaphobic' belongs firmly in the apostate lexicon!

    Nice one

  • Oubliette

    ADJUSTMENTS: Oubilette just posted It...


  • Watchtower-Free

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