Princess Diana's death.

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  • Junction-Guy

    I remember when she either filed for divorce or when the divorce was final, I said, "mark my words, within a year she will be dead"--a year later, I was shocked because I had remembered saying that.

  • Finkelstein

    The two most potent circumstances for this accident were ....

    1. an inexperienced intoxicated driver

    2. Paparazzi chasing the vehicle on motorcycles using high intensity flashes trying to take a picture that they could potentially sell.

    It should be realized that free lancing Paparazzi can sell a single picture for hundreds of dollars, hence their aggressiveness.


    Both these individuals including the driver were acting irresponsible and neglect.

    The ending result was 3 people killed and one seriously injured.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Junction Guy! Oh man, it's been so long since I have seen you here.

  • Junction-Guy

    Hello FHN, good to see you, I hope you are doing well

  • freddo

    It was the Queen Mother riding a Vespa scooter with Prince Philip on the back using a bazooka to blow them away. Prince Andrew flew his helicopter overhead and winched them away before anyone found out.

    True story that. Honest injun. Am I still allowed to say that or is it offensive nowadays?

  • FlyingHighNow

    Junction, I sent you a PM.

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