Princess Diana's death.

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  • quellycatface

    What are your thoughts? Accident or Assassination?

    I still get upset over this.

    RIP Diana.

  • cofty

    Accident caused by her drunk driver foolishly trying to outrun the paparazzi through a city at high speed and Diana having no seat belt on.

    If she had been under offical royal protection instead of Dodi's amateurs it would not have happened.

  • fulano

    I think we Will never know the facts but for accident.

  • freddo

    What cofty said.

  • Mikado

    well.... I mean it's not as if there has ever been deaths in car accidents driven by drunks with passengers wearing no seat belts is there?

    why people need to make it into a conspiracy astounds me....

  • Finkelstein

    Obviously an accident by reasons of which Cofty explained.

    To add to his explanation Paparazzi on motor bikes drove beside the car as it enter the tunnel causeway which they were in,

    the flashes from their cameras which were directed to the occupants of the car, temporally disorientated the driver.

    It should be realized that these Paps use high grade professional cameras and flashes which are intensionally bright so that their flashes

    are effective at a distance.


    The driver instinctively tried to serve a bit further away from those Paparazzi , turing to the left which resulted in hitting the concrete support wall.

    With the addition of the driver having a reasonably high alcohol level, this further acerbated his disorientation.

    It was crime that those Paparazzi got away with causing the accident in the first place.

  • Simon

    He shouldn't have been driving drunk / drugged up and she courted publicity.

    Lucky innocent bystanders weren't killed ... Would they have gotten the same investigations and mourning?

  • Gustv Cintrn
    Gustv Cintrn


    Accident. Loved Princess Diana. I remember how a group of us drank a lot of coffee to stay up through the night in order to watch the wedding on tv.

    She did so much humanitarian work. A great loss for England and a great life cut short.


  • cofty

    The public mourning at Diana's funeral was a intense outpouring of grief that was very "un-British".

    I was genuinely sad about it but it was puzzling to observe.

    For years the public could not get enough gossip and paparazzi pics of Diana in their daily crap tabloid newspapars.

    I do wonder whether the grief was mixed with guilt.

  • Finkelstein

    The other factor involving the accident was the speed of which the car was traveling at the time.

    The driver drove away in hurry as an attempt to get away from the closely trailing Paps on motorcycles.

    Perhaps a government sponsored security force would have been better in handling the situation, as far as the driver not being intoxicated at least ???

    Any persons life being destroyed in this manner is ridiculously irresponsible.

    Can you imagine a person with a high intensity flash and camera taking random snapshots at a busy intersection of city,

    if that would cause any accidents ???

    You get the picture. ( pun not intended )

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