A question for the Trolley & Cosmopolitan Witnesses

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Ask them why not ONE scripture states that Christians were instructed to be "witnesses of Jehovah".

    When they get flustered and tongue-tied because they cannot cite a SINGLE verse from Matthew to Revelation to back up their scripturally false "designer label", inform them that there are at least 30 Scriptures which clearly show show that Christians are to be witnesses for Christ, not God!

    (Isaiah 62:2) And you will be called by a new name, Which Jehovah’s own mouth will designate.

    (Acts 11:26) ..........in Antioch that the disciples were by divine providence called Christians.

    (Matthew 10:18) ....before governors and kings for my sake, for a witness to them and the nations.

    (Mark 13:9) .......be put on the stand before governors and kings for my sake, for a witness to them.

    (Acts 1:8) ...........you will be witnesses of me in Jerusalem, in all Ju·de′a and Sa·mar′i·a.....

    (John 1:15) John bore witness about him,. . .

    (John 5:37) And the Father who sent me has himself borne witness about me.. . .

    (John 8:18) .........and the Father who sent me bears witness about me."

    (John 15:26, 27) ....the spirit of the truth, which comes from the Father, that one will bear witness about me; and you, in turn, are to bear witness...

    (Acts 4:17, 18) So that this does not spread any further among the people, let us threaten them and tell them not to speak to anyone anymore on the basis of this name." With that they called them and ordered them not to say anything at all or to teach on the basis of the name of Jesus.

    (Acts 10:39) And we are witnesses of all the things he did both in the country of the Jews and in Jerusalem;

    (Acts 10:43) To him all the prophets bear witness......

    (Acts 13:31) These are now his witnesses to the people.

    (Acts 22:15) ....you are to be a witness for him to all men of the things you have seen and heard.

    (Acts 22:20) .....and when the blood of Stephen your witness was being spilled....

    (Acts 23:11) For just as you have been giving a thorough witness about me in Jerusalem, so you must also bear witness in Rome.. . .

    (Acts 26:16) ...a witness both of things you have seen and things I will make you see respecting me.

    (1 Corinthians 1:6) .....just as the witness about the Christ has been made firm among you,

    (1 Timothy 2:6) ......who gave himself a corresponding ransom for all—this is what is to be witnessed to in its own due time.

    (2 Timothy 1:8) So do not become ashamed either of the witness about our Lord or of me....

    (1 John 5:9,10) Because this is the witness God gives, the witness that he has given about his Son... .......has not put his faith in the witness given by God concerning his Son.

    (Revelation 1:9) ...for speaking about God and bearing witness concerning Jesus.

    (Revelation 3:8) ....you kept my word and did not prove false to my name.

    (Revelation 12:17) ...........and have the work of bearing witness concerning Jesus.

    (Revelation 17:6) .............and with the blood of the witnesses of Jesus.. . .

    (Revelation 19:10) ...........who have the work of witnessing concerning Jesus....

    (Revelation 20:4) Yes, I saw the souls of those executed for the witness they gave about Jesus....

    Also -

    (1 Corinthians 1:2) ....all those everywhere who are calling on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

    (James 2:7) Do they not blaspheme the fine name by which you were called? (Acts 11:26)

    (1 Peter 4:14,16) If you are being reproached for the name of Christ, you are happy, because the spirit of glory, yes, the spirit of God, is resting upon you. But if anyone suffers as a Christian, let him not feel ashamed, but let him keep on glorifying God while bearing this name.

    For all recent members who have/want to found TTATT.

  • Gustv Cintrn
    Gustv Cintrn


    Now there, you've got a wonderful foundation for the true religion which shall be called.... Jesus' Witnesses (?); there's already one based in Puerto Rico called "Testigos De Jesus". They're not doing that good, though.

    Hey, good luck with that, alright?!

    The Org is not changing our name. Things are going well just as they are.


  • The Searcher
    The Searcher


    Acts 11:26 says it all!!!!

    Read it and reason why old Rutherford decided that God Almighty's choice of a name wasn't good enough for marketing purposes!

    If JW.ORG is allegedly based on the Bible, then it has to change a heap of things - starting with their name!

    ps. As far as I'm aware, real JW's don't use the term "good luck".

  • cantleave

    The Org is not changing our name. Things are going well just as they are.

    But not as well as The Mormon Cult

  • Gustv Cintrn
    Gustv Cintrn

    Yet another 'cult' beating us? Damn it!!!!!!!!!

    Hey, btw, us moderate/ultra-lib JWs don't really conform to silly dogma like the use of "good luck", "fortunately", "bless you", etc.

    Eeeeeeeasy now....


  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    This focus on "Jehovah" results from the thought bubble in the 1930s by the Judge, Mr Rutherford, when he invented the title "Jehovah's Witnesses".

    In doing so, Rutherford mistakenly used the word invented a few centuries previously by the Roman Catholic Church, so that not one JW calls on, uses or knows anything but this concocted word: Jehovah.

    The context of "you are my witnesses says YHWH" at Isaiah 43:10, shows that it is being used derogatively: the people had witnessed (seen) the power of YHWH yet they had chosen to forsake him, and that was the reason for their parlous state, the captives of Babylon.

    (As a footnote to this passage at Isaiah 43, note that this was written during the Babylonian Captivity, some 200 years after Isaiah lived and died.)


  • hamsterbait

    And remember how all the Caleb videos never EVER mention the name Jesus or the word Christian.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Excellent OP

  • designs

    Searcher- That should also apply to the over 1500 Denominiations of Christians. Why are you not holding all other Christian groups to the same standard.

    It really is a weak argument. A Baptist self identifies as both Christain and Baptist, a Catholic the same, a Presbyterian the same and on it goes. A JW will simply say they are a Christian and identify as JW also.

  • Vanderhoven7

    designs: Baptists witness to Jesus Christ, not to Baptists. In fact, all evangelical groups, Church of Christ, Bible Students, Pentecostals etc, exist solely, proudly and pervasively to witness to Jesus Christ in line with the scriptures. JWs on the other hand ignore or at least supress this mandate. They witness to themselves, the GB and the organization, without which Jesus Christ is helpless to save anyone.

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