GB Gerrit Losch and his questionable article in the 7/14 WT study edition!!!

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  • stuckinarut2

    What amazes me most of all is the arrogance in the whole way it is written!

    He just PRESUMES that he will go to heaven. The caption is there right above a picture of him and his wife.

    It should have read:

    Here is a picture of my wife, who actually means nothing to me because I will fly off the heaven and leave her behind anyway!

  • Jeannette

    Obliette-exactly. Well said.

  • notsurewheretogo

    I am a bit confused at ADJUSTMENTS post though.

    The society teach that anyone destroyed at the Big A, or in the flood, or by any execution at the hands of Jehovah will NOT get a resurrection.

    But anyone who dies before they get the truth will get a resurrection, like I presume this GB's father.

    Thus millions who have never heard of Jehoover will still get a chance to live forever...

    I get the impression that ADJUSTMENTS seems to think that is not the teaching of the WT?

    Only those who die at the hands of Jehovah don't get resurrected...all the rest who die by other means get a second chance...thus yes all those who die at the Big A are dead forever but all those who died before the Big A get another chance....

    Still batshit crazy mind you.


    Yeah. Bat-shit crazy.... Loesch is the same a-hole who hasn't known what the 3rd heaven/paradise is for his entire career as the mouthpiece of JEEHOOBER!! Now he says paradise means three different things! Oh, thanks for that one dipshit! We would NEVER have thought of that without your help. Who told you that?? Your friggin Pompadore?!?!


  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Regarding this "directly killed by jehovah not getting a resurrection", it was brought out last week in the bible highlights that Korah, destroyed by Jehovah, according to the original language, went into hades (or is it sheol), anyway, either way it's the common grave of mankind, from which a resurrection IS possible.

    The point being made was that we're not to judge, but trust jehovah's justice.

  • Listener

    I also look forward to observing from heaven the earthly resurrection and, at last, finding my physical father."

    Gerrit believes that there is no need for him to prove himself faithful and discreet, he has awarded himself the gift of going to heaven.

  • Pinku


    You are right! The writer obviously means all those soldiers who fight a war and got killed are going to be resurrected. Then why preach? is a question even Bible cannot answer. Because Bible itself created such a riddle:

    ‘Those who know the Law will be judged by the Law, and those who do not know the Law will be judged according to their conscience.’—Romans 2:12-15

  • WTWizard

    That thing prays that millions will study that damnation book so they can place more damnation books into the public. All so they can lead the human race into damnation via the curses that are within that book. And so its masters the draconians can have more souls. I bet that thing enjoys the a$$emblies so much because it feeds on psychic energy from the masses, and enjoys seeing the draconians sucking the life out of people.

  • prologos

    This man Loesch is basically a waiter. he says he is now serving spiritual food, does he admit he is not the chef.only the 'Kellner', the one ladeling it out?

    He loves to weave truly important people into his narrative, Baden-Powell, the Queen Elizabeth . and himself already in heaven.

    Mild Walter Middy complex here?

  • poopsiecakes

    Sigh...I think Losch is a giant douchbag (or Loschbag if you will), but just because his father was conscripted into the German army, it didn't make him a warmonger. My grandfather was also conscripted into the German army even though his family had not lived in Germany for generations. He didn't want to go, he was obligated by law to go and fight in a shitty war and had a family which made dodging the draft a very unpleasant prospect in that part of Europe at the time.

    Just sayin...

    Oh and the whole fantasy of resurrection is just that - a fantasy. This fantasy does keep a billion dollar corporation alive and free of paying taxes however, so yeah, there's that.

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