What's "THE END" going to look like?

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  • berrygerry

    Are they stumbling people?

    Then, millstone around the neck and tossed into the sea!

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    I don't understand why many have left God because the religions are false?

    I don't understand why many children have left Santa Clause because the holiday is fasle?

    . . . people don't "leave" God anymore than children leave Santa Clause. Rather, we realize neither of them existed in the first place. And having no good reason to believe something - is a perfectly good reason not to believe in it.

  • Vidiot

    cookiemaster - "However, poor, ignorant, gullible people in third world countries? Those would buy anything."

    With what? They're poor.

    cookiemaster - "For them, it's more of a social club. A place where you get a chance at making many friends, being popular, social activities, etc."

    If the local JW congregation is a social club, it's the saddest, most boringest social club I've ever seen...


    Right on, Navytown!! This begs the question: What possible rule or edict could the GB declare that would cause a massive exodus?? What's worse than saying that DF'd one are " dead " or actually requiring a parent to sacrifice a child?? It seems they are harsh enough already.


  • jgnat

    Vidiot, scary thing is that there is increasing disposable income in the "third world".


    So increasing membership and income could indeed come from these countries. It would make sense then for the WTS to discount it's offerings (thinner, cheaper mags). I see the demise of the WTS as a big sigh. I would love for it to transform itself to mainstream as the WWCG did.


  • AlphaMan

    The JW religion is not going to end for a very long time. Too many born-ins, and too easy to change doctrine with new light. Sorry, but with the ability to DF people and their family shun them this religion is around to stay.

  • jam

    To answere your question,"The End" going to look like? There is

    no riding off in the sunset when you look at other religions that have been

    around for a long time.

    Take a look at www.alternet.org "The 20 weirdest religious Beliefs". Weird beliefs they are still going strong.

    Number 20 is a hoot. "A supernatural being cares tremendously what you do

    with your penis".

    And JW's made the list.LOL

  • Vidiot

    finkelstein - "Theologies changed slightly when the WTS publishing house was taken over by Rutherford..."


  • Terry

    I think the Organization has had to take the historically inevitable course the Catholic Church took:

    hierarchy and Papal Governing Body infallibility.

    It is so much easier than making lame excuses and getting exposed for it.

    Had the Catholic Church not become so politically corrupt and monetarily maleficent, we'd still only have one Christian Church

    and nobody would be any the wiser.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I just hope its better than this End was!

    The End

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