How much meaning are the rank and file putting on October 2014?

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  • Finkelstein

    Sounds to me the Watchtower Corporation is cerebrating 100 years of rebelliously going against Jesus own words when he

    clearly stated that no man will known the time of the return, nullifying the attempt by the WTS leaders in making

    a specific date and those religious charlatans who did so before the WTS. and CT Russell.

    Reflectively from that you could say the WTS./JWS is an apostate organization.

    What people should do during JC is stating they have no desire to associate themselves with apostates

    The bible also clearly states that is one is to remain righteous in the eyes of god, that they are to shun evil doers as well false prophets.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I remember her telling me a few months ago this system wouldn't even continue on ten years. Let alone one more..

    My parents used to tell us that they never expected my oldest brother, who was born in 1966, to reach high school, forget the rest of us. It's astonishing to me that so many JWs can still feel a heightened sense of excitement whenever a dramatic world event occurs, or some prophetic milestone seemingly approaches.

  • Gustv Cintrn
    Gustv Cintrn


    The Spanish congs I move in aren't excited at all. Just carrying on as usual and enjoying present life. We have such a good time together!

    The disappointment of so many other times the Org has cried 'wolf' is surely felt by many. So, deaf ears to their little 'exciting' dates.

    Moving on!


  • James Jackson
    James Jackson

    Nothing much in my area, just a lota hope. 2 Elders been speaking about something big happening in October, everyone just kinda laughs, not believing it.

  • Finkelstein

    Its note worthy to realize that the WTS. intentionally proclaimed mankind is living in the last days, not only to attract people to their organization

    as well to their literature but to control people once they were established within the organization.

    Fear is a strong psychological force to control and created subservience toward those who are imposing that fear.


    It would easy to say that it was that proposed sense of fear that most people were actually lured into the WTS/JWS.

    The WTS had a a useful ploy to play onto people and they played it to the fullest.

    There is and most likely always will be a commercialized fraud behind and hidden by the WTS leaders of this religious publishing house,

    as they conveniently describe themselves as god's (Jah's) chosen organization.


  • Magnum

    One elder mentioned something to me. Wants to quit his job and start pioneering. He has a lot of book smarts - but sometimes not very strong in the common sense department. He mentioned October 2014 and the 100 year anniversary. I said "what's significant about 100 years? What is the biblical significance of a hundred?" He said "there's no Biblical significance, but men like the number."

    I haven't talked to any other Witnesses so I don't know what they're thinking.

    LennaB: People have been saying these things since 1960? This amazes me that the older ones don't know better by now

    I am amazed, too, that older ones aren't at least questioning/doubting a little bit. I have often told my wife that I'd love to talk to some of the smarter old-timers who were around when I was young - the ones who were excited about 1975 and the old generation doctrine. Problem is that all but two are dead, and I don't live in the area anymore. There are zero smart old-timers in any of the congregations in my area; in fact, I can't think of a single one in the whole circuit.

    The org benefits by the fact that generations of JWs die off and take certain knowledge with them - knowledge that current JWs are largely unaware of. And now with most of the info coming from JW.ORG, the org can erase mistakes and other embarassing stuff. New converts will know nothing of 1975, the old generation doctrines, etc. The org is trying to wipe the slate clean and start over.

    Just think, a twenty-year-old who was baptized this year was one year old in 1995 when the first big generation doctrine change came. That twenty-year-old would know nothing of all the hype about the generation supposedly reaching its limit in 1994. That twenty-year-old would know nothing about the 1975 hype unless he talked with some who were around at the time, and most of them have either left or are brain-dead zombies.

  • LostGeneration

    They have done a masterful job of owning the lie. Propoganda 101.

  • Vidiot

    OneEyedJoe - "...a remark an elder made, saying how good it was that the society was making such a big deal about the 100 year anniversary, since that means 'they're not planning on changing 1914 anytime soon'."

    Know what that tells me?

    That deep down, he has grasped (either consciously or otherwise) that dropping 1914 could undermine the the WTS's legitimacy in his eyes.


    He's not so much happy that 1914 is still being held...

    ...he's relieved that he can still view the WTS's authority and claims as valid.

  • Powermetal4ever

    Its almost like they are celebrating the 100 years, feels a bit worldly, doesnt it?

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I think it at least deserves a t-shirt or an anniversary book bag. Shot glass?

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