Geoffrey Jackson & His Wife Attend IC Held In Zimbabwe

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  • sowhatnow

    sickening, its like the 'pope' visiting , using funds of those 'followers' and doing nothing in return for them accept spew useless words. what benefit to any of those people attending will there be? none other than a social event to get dressed up.

    Jesus said their use of many words will do them no good. if anything, the WT should be sending money to those poor people in the congregations for them to go to school, and eat food, rather than stand in a convention site making everyone feel like they need to show their faith by those sorts of useless works . they know not the culture or the struggles of these people. conventions are such a burden.

    nothing new nothing new nothing new!! [ i keep telling my mom,lol]

    shame on them for 'standing in front of people in order to be heard by use of their many words' to be adored by the masses.

  • brandnew
    Kinda off topic just a lil.....but do governing body guys make donations?
  • R. Jerome Harris
    R. Jerome Harris

    White people worship!!! Open your eyes people !!!

    I am an African American who lives in Africa and I can tell you that it is all about turning Black people mentally into Black Anglo-Saxons (thinkers) and not true worshipers of God.

    When I look at the racial make up of the leadership of WTBTS - that is, the GB - I am appalled! "Traditionally" it has been an all-White-mans club! The inclusion of Sam Herd does not change that tradition. I know him and have spoken to him in the past and I can assure you that he is a puppet and will speak as this colleagues do. In fact, by WT reckoning, he is not technically supposed to be of the anointed. He was born too late in the stream of time.

    The invisible God is not partial of any race among the human family. Yet, if you look at the WTBTS, it is really an organization led by White men.

    If there is a remnant of the 144,000 why are they not in the forefront when it comes to decision-making? Are not these persons to be kings with Christ for the 1000 years? Why have they been excluded? Why are they not known? Why only a few men? What is the basis of a Governing Body? None existed after Christs ascension?

    People, could this all be wrong?

    Why is the WTBTS holding up one new publication after another and not holding up the person of The Son of God?

  • Diogenesister
    JWFacts Is Loraini of Islander decent? She looks like she is. Interesting, since he spent many years with his wife as a Special Pioneer in the South Pacific

    yes I think so. Apparently she was a good friend of theirs back in the day and worked with he and his wife in the Islands. she sure looks Samoan anyway.

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