Geoffrey Jackson & His Wife Attend IC Held In Zimbabwe

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  • ShirleyW

    That can't be the same woman that's in the pic that NY44 attached from that post a year ago!!

  • Apognophos

    That thread always irritated me because there was absolutely no evidence provided that he had any connection to that sister except standing for a picture together, but people kept saying she was his wife anyway. Thanks for a legitimate disproof, baldeagle.


    I guess this is what Mr Jackson does to get his mind off of things, including his wife...

    GB member and so called "annointed" person Geoffry Jackson is caught red handed on video doing some worldly dancing and sexual gyrating (they have spoken against such manner of dancing on several occasions) with a woman who is not his wife!!! I can only imagine what they do off camera now!!!

  • Pistoff

    Yep, the witnesses are a big deal in a country like Zimbabwe.

  • AlphaMan

    LOL.....JW's actually think this guy is one of the seven most important men in the world.

  • EndofMysteries

    I like how in the dec 2014 WT posted in a thread the other day, it says people shouldn't be concerned with the daily cares of life (food, security, health, etc), and how Jehovah loves when people give to the GB, and the many ways to give, and how he can make miracles happen and bless those who give.

    Really? How about the GB ask him for donations without having the poor desolate ones stripped of even more.

  • EndofMysteries

    btw is it just me or does Jeffrey Jackson have the stereotypical look of a 'creep'? Something about his face, I'd expect to see on a mugshot of some child rapist, etc. Not saying that only because of who and what he is, but just something about his face and his expression lol.

  • zeb

    The key point here is the line, "the standard gb mantra" the country they stood in is one of the poorest on earth. You have to wonder the meals so many missed out on to scratch together the savings to go to it.

  • Listener

    The GB are flush with money, being able to take their wives on these holidays. With so many cutbacks and laying off long time Bethelites you would think that they might realize that taking their wives with them on these trips is an extravagance they could easily do without and therefore saving the sheepies money for more important uses. Most business people don't get the benefit of taking their wives and generally they would consider it a distraction anyway. The President would be one notable person who travels with his partner, the same as the Queen and this is done for strategic reasons.

    It may be a matter that these highly moral men need to have their wife with them to keep temptations away. So much for putting Kingdom interests first.

  • zeb

    I think you are all missing the point in this posting. Zimbabwe was once the food bowl of Africa its economy has been a basket case now for years.

    The local people who went to the convention must have cut their rations to go. HM food parcels did the wt hand out? NONE.

    Did they have those donations boxes scattered around. probably.

    did whats his name and his mrs from bethel fly in on business class..?

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