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  • Listener

    I don't understand why some people here love to get stuck into Mike and Kim. They come across as very happy people who show so much character and work extremely well together as a couple.

    hear the phone conversations we have with those leaving.

    The amount of time you devote to your cause and in helping others is commendable.

  • ambersun

    I for one love watching Mike and Kim's videos and I think they are a lovely couple. Keep up the good work guys, there are a lot of us who appreciate what you are doing!

  • HeyThere

    I enjoy the videos, too. The time it takes to manage all they do is quite commendable. I have only watched a handful of their videos but to me they seem to be having fun together while sharing the info.

  • Balaamsass2

    Mike and Kim which site? Is this the same as the u tube about the New Mexico KH being built next to the poor guys house? That You tube was great. Kudos to anyone ballsey enough to take the heat on You-tube publicly.

    I was amazed at all the young people at the apostafest who prefer You Tube. Some don't trust people who are unwilling to appear in person.

    We are submarine apostates. Living in a small town with JW clients, I can only shoot a torpedo now and then from beneath the waves.

  • steve2

    If finding Mike and Kim not to my taste is "bashing" them, then I stand accused.

    However, according to the more conventional definitions of the word I haven't bashed them.

    Besides, the "aim" among ex-JWs has never been to have a "united" approach (which would be a worrying carry-over from the organization) - and I concede their energized approach will appeal to some.

    Also, if you are courageous enough to put your claims out there on youtube, you need also to be prepared for people having varied reactions to it - especially if you make certain claims.

    Youtube is perfectly clear about the consequences of copyright beaches. if you lift copyrighted videos from others for your presentations expect sooner or later to get clear warnings from Youtube - and if you persist, to be banned. It ain't persecution and it ain't an indication of your power and influence. Sheesh!

    It actually has very little to do with the organization hovering over the internet - although even if it did, it would not be the first organization to be concerned about the ease with which all manner of negative claims can be made by anyone anywhere. The fact that so very much anti-JW material is on the web is proof that the organization's lawyers ain't shutting down websites and Youtube videos in the absence of copyright infringements.

    As stated, the couple are not to my taste, but long may they have one of the many, many "roles" of reaching people about the dangers of belonging to a religious organisation that frowns upon critical thinking.

  • TableForOne

    I enjoy their videos.

    You can see how genuinely happy they are to be free of the JW cult.

    They are enthusiastic and only want to help others make informed choices.

    I tip my hat to any ex-JW that has the strength to go public on a platform as universally available as YouTube.

    I'd like to think one day I'd have the same strength as displayed by Mike & Kim, 'John Cedars', JW Struggle, etc.

    Well done to the lot of them.


  • Ignoranceisbliss

    I enjoy mike and Kim. Recently they made a vid on the KH property in Hawaii. Without that vid I would have had no idea about that. They also threw a shoutout to the youtube channel "my little plastic microphone". I looked it up and loved it. The stuff they do on subliminal messages isn't for me . But that dosent really matter. Others are really into that stuff. I think that there vids help people who are a little bit awake to learn TTATT. If someone is totally indoctrinated then it really doesn't matter what they watch or read.

    Keep up the good work mike and Kim.

  • Hermano

    Critisism is so much easier than actually DOING something. I applaud them for doing something instead of falling for the Watchtower-is-invincible mentality that many ex-JWs are left with long after their exit.

  • steve2

    Hermano, that was exactly what an elder said to me way back: "The brothers in Brooklyn devote their whole lives to carrying out Jehovah's will while some others find fault."

    It's as if those who criticize have to first demonstrate their worth before they are allowed to have an opinion.

  • ducatijoe

    WWHHEEWW... Good to see the tide turn in favor of Mike and Kim...

    If some of you have a problem with a couple who work hard putting out videos or anyone else on this site, why not message them direct and talk personally about it.

    Publicly making critical statement reminds me of why I left the Organization!

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