What will the next "witness" fad illness be??

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    I've said this all over this site before....They are suffering from Suppression...knowing the Society is not always telling the truth. Hearing through the grapevine of child abusers, elders doing what they want, certain members getting away with stuff, suppressing the stuff they do in private. That's enough to make anyone sick...They have no outlet, they can't talk to anyone to say,hey, now what is the society saying now....what use to be true, now they say it's a new light...Is this really God's org. They are not sure anymore, but can't express it....Their bodies are turning on them. I'm starting to have aches & pains, but I try not to talk about it too much. I go out in service, about 15 minutes into going out, that's when the freinds start to talk about what ail's them....which is LIFE ITSELF...they are so busy waiting for the end, they can't even be well for the moment....It's all suppression...not Depression.

    Witnesses are just whinney kids dressed up in adult costumes....all they want to do is go out in service, then go out for a while & complain about ....whatever..too hot, too cold....allergies...you name it. Not all are like that, but I've been on this site for a while now & so it must be common. When I first started coming to the hall, I noticed it...well, I noticed alot of things. I'm baptized, I know all about the society & it's ways. I know these folks are just as jacked up in the head as I am. When I started to go, I noticed they didn't walk on water, like they think they do..I told a sister that, she was surprised, because they do think they walk on water, but they say, well, folks think we are perfect..I told her yes they do, & it's because how you present yourselves to others, nobody makes up this stuff. I never thought any human was perfect...not even JW's...


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    Well said Legacy!!!!!!


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    Thank You. I come on this site to vent & make sure I'm not drinking the kool-aide. I love God...no matter what place you go to,it's the same...Man telling you what he thinks God means....All God is saying is...Be Good & Be Ready....God doesn't lie to us...Man does.


  • jam

    Dyschronometria:This disorder makes people unable to accurately

    estimate the amount of time that has passed.

    Truman show delusion: People with this delusion believe that they

    are the center of a imaginary TV show.

    Jargon Aphasia: This is a speech disorder where a person uses made

    up words in regular sentences. They can be speaking in entirely a

    fictional language, Spiritual paradise, Adam first man, talking ass and etc...

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    A few in our old congregation developed the fragrance allergies.

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