I put the kingdom first! Now look what happened...

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  • smiddy

    Very well done JO , so true in many respects , a lot of us could relate to that .


  • HeyThere

    This prison I was in

    Clutched me deep into my soul

    Taunted me, controlled me

    Haunted me...owned me

    But now I am free

    Like a flower blossoming

    On a warm spring day

    The breeze opens my mind.

    I see now those prison gates

    They were all in my head

    I trusted, I believed

    But now I know I was misled

    It's so hard to let go

    When you think your losing life

    When you think it's Satan's world out there

    When shunning is your price...

    But oh the wonders of this world

    Precious moments have been lost

    But here now, I am free!

    I no longer see the devil

    Lurking with those "worldly" friends

    To judge others, to fear I no longer feel

    I love all and care instead

    My heart has been opened.

    Beating strong, I am free!

    Okay, that's all I got right now. Draft one - I Am Free

    It's 2am, I apologize for any 2am-isms.

  • Phizzy

    2 A.M or not, that is a wonderful, beautiful piece of Poetry Hey There, thanks, it expresses how I feel each day, so glad to be FREE !

    Yours is equally as good Julia, perhaps if yours first, then Hey There's were printed out and given to a JW to read they may have some effect ?

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Hey There, yes that is well done. It's very raw, like a fountain of emotion straight from your heart.

    And MissFit, I've started a fable about a parrot in a cage. You inspired me. It's actually gonna make one hell of a kids' book one day! I will illustrate it myself. It starts like this:

    The Little Lorikeet

    The little lorikeet never knew what it was like to fly. To find her own tasty seed. To join the other lorikeets as they spread their magnificent emerald wings and bore away on the wind to new exotic locations.

    The little lorikeet was hardly what you’d call splendid. Her plumage was neat, but it didn’t shine. Her eyes were clean, but were like dull glass rather than red jewels. She had wings, but her owner regularly clipped them. Even if the owner didn’t, the little lorikeet wouldn’t have been able to fly very far. Her muscles were too underdeveloped from sitting in that cage day in, day out.

    So the little lorikeet sat on her perch and stood on one foot and then the other, day in and day out. Her cage was inside a house and the little lorikeet could see all sorts of birdlife through the windows. Magnificent red king parrot calls pealed from the trees like bells, pink and grey galahs grazed on the new grass seed shoots and rainbow lorikeets filled the skies like multi-coloured clouds. All the little lorikeet could do was watch them through the windows.

    Every day her owner bought her seed. Sometimes it was fresh, and other times it was reused seed sifted from the bottom of the cage. It was always the same. “This is wonderful seed!” her owner would tell her. “You are lucky to have someone who feeds and cares for you like this! You don’t want to be like those parrots outside who have to find their own food. There’s no good food outside anyway. Those parrots eat garbage!” So although the seed was bland, the little lorikeet was glad to have it.

    One day the little lorikeet felt lonely and frustrated. The parrots outside seemed to be having so much fun! They could go where they liked, eat what they liked and make friends with any bird at all. She began calling out to them, though her calls were clumsy and she didn’t really know what to say.

  • Julia Orwell
  • MissFit

    Julia: I love the beginning of your story. I cant wait for more.

  • Bruja-del-Sol

    Great poems, spot on! And also looking forward to read more on the story of the little lorikeet. Keep 'em coming Julia!

  • KateWild

    Nice poems Julia and Hey there. Thanks Kate xx

  • quellycatface

    Sad but true.

  • blondie

    Julia, are you Sheree Stokell then?

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