How old were you when baptized?

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  • MissFit

    I was 12. I did it to please my JW foster parents. He was an elder. We were running late on my baptism day. I barely got there in time for the 3 questions.

    I found out a year later my foster dad was molesting my sisters.

    Now as an adult , I realize that I was too young. I thought I was the exception. I am stunned at how young some of you were.

    I have never agreed with the org. about letting kids get baptized so young.

    None of my kids were baptized.

  • QuestioningEverything

    I was 13 and very much under the spell. That was way too young to make a life long choice.

  • cookiemaster

    I was 18, turning 19. At the time I was secretly an atheist for about a year, and I also knew about this website and others, and I was fully aware it was a cult. I did it because JW's were my world. My friends, my parents, basically almost everyone I had a personal relationship with was a JW. I held out for way too long and basically now everyone started shunning me. My parents were like, you're either with us or against us, my friends were the same.

    I couldn't afford living on my own and had no option of getting away and I'm pretty sure I would have been homeless and lost everything if I hadn't done it. Well, I did it, without one ounce of sincerity. A few months later we moved in a remote area with few JW's and no kingdom hall for 70 miles. So, our family hasn't been to a KH from March. We only study once every few weeks or sometimes months (lol). My familiy's JWism basically involves going to the Memorial, a convention or two a year, a couple of KH visits and a once every few months a "family study". This allowed me to alienate my parents further from the cult and even express clear doubt about the existence of god. My mother reports fake time for me every month without me even asking her to do it (lolol). I can live a pretty normal life now and hopefully we'll slowly get as far away as possible from this twisted cult.

  • MissFit

    I am so glad I never encouraged my kids to get baptized.

    I would have walked away when I was 18 if I hadnt been baptized. I spent over 30 years trying to live up to a commitment I didn't even understand.

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