The frustration of talking to a person with a closed mind

by TheStumbler 39 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • GrreatTeacher

    "They don't even recognise the rules of argument." You've hit the nail on the head, there. That's why it is so frustrating!

    Honestly, you lost him at Lenski. He doesn't understand it and doesn't care to. In fact, he's likely just checked out of the argument as soon as he hears something he doesn't understand. He's soley on defense at that point.

    Hey, you got some good licks in. Don't be so hard on yourself! If catching you being frustrated feels like a feather in his cap, let him have it. Frustration with ignorance of both the subject matter and the ability to debate it is a perfectly appropriate response from an educated person!

  • Gustv Cintrn
    Gustv Cintrn


    Try to just live your life and stop trying to have conversations with anyone that has their mind set on whatever it is.

    I am a JW in good standing, harbor a few disagreements about our practices. I don't argue or try to establish my point about it; just go about my life, living it on my terms.

    This has worked for me and many inside for decades. Otherwise, it would be frustrating.


  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    I think that the TS is an outsider...probably he likes intellectual honesty.........but, you are right.

  • John_Mann

    When you realize that some people just WANT to have a closed mind you will never be frustrated again.

    When you meet some people like these you better just to ignore them or just have a small talk.

    You can't reason with these people.

  • Dagney

    I feel your frustration. You cannot argue with faith. There are some masterful arguements on this site, one most memorable regarding the flood...wish I could find it again. In the end, you could see the only defense was "I believe..."

    What jgnat said about find one point and directing it toward the natural mind is excellent. As much as your mind is spinning about facts, I have found it effective to address something that reaches out to their emotion or feeling, sense of injustice. You never know what will stick.

    Good luck.

  • TheStumbler

    I just scrolled up the page looking to see who this TS character was. Then the penny dropped. Haha.

    I don't mind beliefs, I hold my own beliefs which I can't objectively prove. It's when people claim their own facts that frustrates me. I know I should let it go. I know it's my problem. Its been bothering me for days and. It's impacted my sleep.

    I think it's his ignorance of evolution and insistence that it is base on faith and unwillingness to even look at the evidence. I take it as such an insult as someone who was raised a creationist but took the time to actually understand the science.

  • Apognophos

    You should take this as an opportunity to reflect on whether humans are really logical animals at heart, which would make us different from all the other animals, or if we are simply following the law of least pain. For this man, as committed as he is and with the personality that he has, it may simply be too painful to consider that it's not the truth. Whether it's pride, or loved ones that he wants to see again in the resurrection, or fear of death or hopelessness, or a need to feel that his actions as an elder have been correct as part of God's organization... there are any number of reasons why he is simply not in a position to change his mind.

    That being said, when has a direct debate ever changed anyone's mind on an important subject? Perhaps you've given him some food for thought. Perhaps in the future, an email conversation would allow you to remain cooler-headed and make him more open to a conversation instead of provoking a defensive reaction.

  • Pinku

    It's greatest irony! Here is a religion that claims many Court victories in their fight for religious freedom; yet once inside, its own members have no freedom of expression!

  • Phizzy

    And no freedom of thought, no worse, their ability to think has been taken from them !

  • jgnat

    I liken a closed-minded person as trapped in a golden cage of their own making. There is no lock on the door, but there they remain. First for the promise, and second for fear what lies outside that door.

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