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  • What is Truth?
    What is Truth?

    Here are some statistics on them,



    Hits and pageviews are related but different. Hits are not a reliable way to guage the success of JW.ORG. I have no doubt that the WTBTS fudges the numbers.

    Even so, is there a website that has current data on JW. ORG?? It would be interesting to see. Not that it matters, because JWS are brainwashed and any facts don't really matter at all. They worship the ORG and the GB as Jeehoober's mouthpiece. Once you realize that, your life is much easier. You just ignore their stupidity as much as possible, dropping breadcrumbs for any who may awaken on their own.


  • objectivetruth


    it does matter in a sense.. I was told by a CO (or something like that) "JW.org will complete the prophecy in Matthew 24:14. Everyone in the world will have a chance to find the truth through this site"

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    I find it interesting that most visitors are coming from Google and the go to Wikpedia and You Tube next.

  • metatron

    What is the number of absolute unique visitors per month?

    It seems to me that you could have exactly the same Witnesses going to the site every day and they would be termed "1.8 million unique visitors per day", defined as different IP addresses per 24 hours.

    If large numbers of Witnesses use the site during meetings, this could wildly skew the results, if the above definition holds.


  • Oogie

    It's keeping the dubs busy so as not to see the 'wizard' behind the curtain.


    Objective Truth and Oogie, good points.

    OT, in the minds of JWs it matters right now, perhaps because of idiot CO's and their access to a "golden microphone". What happens in 10 years when the END has not arrived?? How important will JW.ORG be?

    Oogie, the GB has done something more diabolical and brilliant than hiding the " Wizard". They have consulted expert marketing gurus and followed their advice. What is that advice? Gradually, ever so slowly, the GB have allowed the R&F to peek behind the curtain! Why is this so brilliant, as opposed to hiding? Quite simply, if a system is unsustainable, it will end.

    The GB's advertising experts have put a face to " the Wizard". The GB have been slowly creeping into the spotlight as opposed to slinking in the inner rooms of Columbia Heights. They signed some bibles. They put themselves in the WT more often. They show up in kids videos. They end up on YouTube, dancing at weddings.

    Far more believable than an all-powerful Wizard, is the need for fallible, sweet old men to pull the levers and chains, and push buttons behind the curtain. The GB say," We don't mind if you peek. These are not secret button or levers. We screw up and push the wrong buttons and pull the wrong levers. After all, we are just sweet old men who love you very much. That's why we do are best to run all this stuff. Jehovah asks us to do it, so we do our best."

    Do you see how sneaky that tactic really is?? Who would suspect a group of bumbling old men who by their own admission are " trying to keep pace with the celestial chariot" just like you?

    Translation: WTF does this lever do?! I don't know!! Listen, OBEY, and be blessed.


  • Gustv Cintrn
    Gustv Cintrn


    At least mine and surrounding congs all worked dilligently covering our assigned territory; that's how we assessed our success. But, oh well, thanks for your accurate and relevant review, though.

    We'll try harder next time, okay?!


  • EndofMysteries

    this campaign is too distract people from the reality that 100 years since 1914, nothing happening, failed GB prophesy, so keep them busy and make big changes to give the 'illusion' things are happening,.

  • Simon

    One thing that is interesting ...

    For jw.org:

    Relative to the general internet population, people who went to graduate school are under-represented at this site.

    For jehovahs-witness.net: (this site)

    Relative to the general internet population, people who went to graduate school are over-represented at this site.

    The official jw.org site has lots of "didn't attend college" visitors.

    I think it's proof that the more educated you are, the more likely you are to leave OR be less likely to join in the first place. No wonder they are against further education.

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