My Husband Confesses His Sole Regret for My Exit....

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  • humbled

    ( Important note: My husband HATED that I became a JW. Hated everything about it.)


    He is the one who every morning makes our coffee in his beat-up metal perculator. And this morning shuffling around the kitchen with the fresh perked coffee pot in his hand exclaimed "There is one thing I will say that I really miss about you leaving the Witnesses"

    --and I will say I was shocked to hear this. My mind drew a complete blank as to what this fervent and thoughtful hater of the Organization would MISS about me being a JW... so I waited to hear this revelation:

    "In the past I could always find one of those GOD-DAMNED Awakes or Watchtowers on the table to set the coffee pot on!"

  • minimus

    lol...see, they are good for something.

  • Terry

    It's good to pour over those magazines.

  • humbled

    minimus, Terry--

    Yep--I am still smiling about it-

    Poor guy--22 years of having a JW for a -(cough)-partner. He hasn't said much about it since I left--until this morning's coffee.

    I DID use to pour over those mags.

    We are both glad I finally got OUT!

    Happy Saturday morning to you!

  • NeonMadman

    It would be interesting to do a study as to the protective effectiveness of the new 16-page magazines for use as trivets vs. the old 32-pagers.

  • OneEyedJoe

    Several years ago our CO was talking about how important it is to really talk to people on your magazine route. He told a story about a sister who'd been leaving magazines with a man for years and one day she asked him what he thought of the magazines and he says, "they're great! They fit the bottom of my bird cage perfectly!"

  • Thor

    Good topic, thanks for the laugh!

    ;) Mrs. Thor

  • millie210

    Well now the magazines are too thin to protect the table much!

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Could never stand seeing them on my coffee table. Better used as emergency toilet paper!

  • Zoos

    22 years... Wow!

    I think he loves you.

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