Woman 82, beheaded in her London garden.

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  • quellycatface

    Words cannot describe my anger and sorrow.

    The perpetrator was a 25 yr old Nigerian Muslim convert. He also decapitated a cat, why?????

    There are times when I wish there was such thing as Armageddon, to rid the world of such evil.

    Feeling very worried and sad.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Disgusting, horrific.

    What the hell century do we live in?

  • Oubliette

    It actually wasn't easy to find much news on this story. Here, from the BBC:

    Nicholas Salvador accused of 'beheading' Palmira Silva

  • hamsterbait

    Brekky -

    The 21st hellish century of hundreds of hellish centuries, where a Sky Fairy sits back sulking over a piece of fruit a naked lady ate because a talking snake told her to.

  • prologos

    Quellicatface where did you get the idea it is an Nigerian that is involved?. bbc sait the lady is an Italian widow, it is mum on the perpetrator's nationality. In the past the brits were pretty good at exporting their OWN Crime stories, TV dramas, why now all the hidden foreign names? and the reluctance to give details? like the 14 00 girls' rapists country of origin?

    Very scared horrified to hear these things. Necks have become vulnerable.

  • blondie

    Is the Times a reputable paper? I don't think it has been strongly confirmed:


    Matt Charles and Fiona Hamilton, Crime Correspondent

    Last updated at 12:24AM, September 6 2014

    A man was remanded in custody today over the suspected murder of a great-grandmother, who was reportedly decapitated in her back garden in north London.

    Nicholas Salvador, 25, appeared today at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court in connection with the death of Palmira Silva, 82.

    He was charged last night with murder, as well as with assault on a police officer.

    Mr Salvador, known as Fat Nick, is believed to have attended a local school and was staying in Edmonton when the attack took place. People living in the area have said that he was a Muslim convert and a would-be

  • Simon

    They should be dumped somewhere to 'enjoy' the IS world which they obviously want to live in.

    Anyone supporting IS should be dropped from a plane over their HQ.

    Don't waste parachutes on them.

    Bomb them with their own screaming psycopaths.

  • tornapart
  • Oubliette

    Looks like he was some kind of psycho.

    Ya' think?

    Thanks for posting the link to the Daily Mail article.

  • prologos

    another parallel, big boy, previously he was served in a restaurant, fattened himself some more, and left without paying, caught on camera.

    Brittain was so successful at border control in the past, kept jerry out, except on the Channel islands. what happened? why not now? with the Nazi's strict control of Crime,(of others) This would not have been the headline. Have to check out the Daily Mail on line more often.

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