What? How did 25 years go by so fast ...

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  • prologos

    The sense how fast we go through time seems to change as our brains change, mature, are being disabled. The internal clock registers fewer of the now missing "ticks". The detailed memories we had of what we wer doing while we were doing it, has been stripped back to memorable, recallable details, although perhaps surprisingly not totally lost.

    Blessed are the out-of-the box thinkers, having a measure of detachment from the blinkered crowd, a larger vision.

    that is available in the NOW.

  • bigmac

    tell me where the last 50 years has gone. the beatles--the stones. late night parties in birmingham city center. i was innocent back then. still virgo intacto.

  • BluesBrother

    Bob Dylan = modern day song writing creative "genius" if the word is to be applied to anybody in the world of the arts. IMHO , of course...

    But time does indeed rush by, a phenomena of growing older, one views things from a different perspective and is made aware of our mortality.

    Where did my life go?

  • Violia

    I'm in early 60's so I recall Dylan well. What was that song that said " ... time keeps on sliiping into the future...."


    I suspect you are around 50, that is when I realized my time was limited.

    I am still in shock over Joan Rivers death. Yes she was 81 but she was in good health with great energy. She was such a force in comedy. Men get called strong, women just get called a bitch. I will miss her a lot.

  • titch

    Simon: Just a slight correction: Ronald Reagan was certainly still allive then, but he was not the President in 1989. Well, he was for about 20 days in January of 1989! George Herbert Walker Bush (Reagan's Vice-President for two terms) was the President then. He had been elected in November of 1988, and took office on January 20th of 1989. Just thought I'd mention it. (I don't know when you bought the Bob Dylan album, but if you bought it before January 20th, 1989. then Reagan WAS the President. But, not AFTER that date). After George H.W. Bush took office, Reagan became a "President Emeritus. Best Regards


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I saw Dylan at the Concert for Bangladesh. The Village Voice had Dylan experts who claimed that he was on life support following his motocycle accident. Perhaps we could not believe our eyes. Dylan walking. Dylan performing. He did not want to be there. A few months later, I saw Dylan in a private solo concert. He should have paid me money. I talked recently to hard Bob fans. He is still calling in the concert from his phone. A friend gave me a DVD of Dylan in Newport. I could not believe my eyes He is so relaxed with the audience.

  • Dagney

    Great album Simon. Love love love "Most of the time."

    Strange, thinking that's a 'recent' album...and it's 25 years old/young! His words kill me.

    I saw him a few times in the last 10 years. Once time he was just playful as can be and you could understand everything he sang. Another time it was harder. Now that I think about it, the second time we were in the same arena as the DC/RC...in nosebleed seats...maybe that has something to do with it. Always a good show with great musicians.

    What a poet.

  • neverendingjourney

    How did 25 years go by so fast

    It just means we're that much closer to Armageddon.

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