GOVERNING BODY: Thanks for nothing, you rat bastards!

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  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Brilliant! Also, one of the best thread titles I have seen for a long time!

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    Right--we were always given the GB "milk" instead of solid food-any sign that we were trying to chew any solid food we had taken away and our teeth knocked out. so to speak

  • Terry

    Sparky1, I laughed so hard at that photo I think I cracked a rib!

    Several weeks ago I wrote about how I was sitting outside at a Starbucks when I overheard a religious discussion.

    What clued me to the fact one of the people arguing was a JW was the LANGUAGE.

    Having been away from a Kingdom Hall since 1979, it struck me how weird the terminology was

    as it popped out in the young man's sentences.

    That phrase: accurate knowledge isn't used by anybody except JW's.

    Imagine private schools popping up for elementary students advertising how they would not just teach math, but "accurate math."

    Immediately such a phrase draws a line in the sand and makes you suddenly ask, "What kind of math has my child been learning, fake math?"

    The same is true for the JW phrase "false religion".

    As I've already mentioned many times, this phrase was born to DISGUISE the fact JW's use to teaach "RELIGION IS A SNARE AND A RACKET."

    The WTS declared "We are NOT a religion, we are a Bible Society."

    Then, they discovered they'd never get tax deferrals unless they suddenly changed their tune.

    BINGO! Instead of being a "religion" JW's were now the "true religion" and Christendom was "false religion."

    Aren't they sneaky?

  • little_Socrates

    so often their proof texts actually states the oppoiste of what they say when you read it in context.

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  • Earnest

    Terry, the Watchtower Society use the phrase "accurate knowledge" in the NWT to translate the Greek word epignosis. gnosis is "knowledge". epignosis is "accurate knowledge".

  • sparky1

    Terry you are right on the money. I am highly critical of the NEW WORLD TRANSLATION revised 2013 (and the old one too) because of its mistranslating of words and transmogrifying certain Biblical words into 'phrases' that support Jehovahs Witnesses teachings and dogma. A case in point is the phrase 'accurate knowledge' as you have so rightly pointed out. "whose will is that all sorts of people should be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of truth." 1 Timothy 2:4 NWT revised 2013. That statement is patently ridiculous! You cannot come to an accurate knowledge of a truth. If something is an established 'truth' it is already 'accurate in its content' . If the statement 'accurate knowledge of truth' is correct than it should be able to be proven by its being stated in converse. Who in their right mind would ever believe the phrase 'inaccurate knowledge of truth'. Second rate dilettantes, fools and amateur hacks created the NEW WORLD TRANSLATION to support and uphold their own 'crazy' beliefs.

    (Ernest, don't swallow the INSIGHT books definition of Epignosis hook, line and sinker.)

  • Magnum
    Earnest: Terry, the Watchtower Society use the phrase "accurate knowledge" in the NWT to translate the Greek word epignosis. gnosis is "knowledge". epignosis is "accurate knowledge".

    I think Terry is right. gnosis is knowledge, but I don't think it's proper to say that epignosis is "accurate knowledge" as if Bible writers used the word to make a distinction between "accurate" knowledge and "innacurate" knowledge. I know that the org says that epignosis means "accurate knowledge", and I believe that even some non-JWs say that, however, I disagree. The word epignosis is the word gnosis with the preposition epi attached to it (I think epi means "upon"). I don't remember the technical terms and don't have time to look anything up, so I'm just going to put it in my own words, admitting some of my terminology might not be what's commonly accepted. The pronoun epi is added to sort of stengthen the word gnosis. So epignosis means a fuller or more complete or more thorough or more intimate knowledge. For example, one might acquire an initial knowledge (gnosis) of something, but then later come to understand it and know it better and more intimately (thus having epignosis).

    When I get home I would like to look up some passages that use epignosis to see if I can determine the meaning the writer intended. In cases where Paul used epignosis, I would guess now (not having looked up any passages) that he might be referring to something like a deeper, more thorough knowledge. I don't think he used the word to contrast "accurate" knowledge with "inaccurate" knowledge. However, JWs say that the word was used to indicate a simple contrast between "accurate" or correct knowledge and innacurate or incorrect knowledge, leading to the impression that they are the sole owners of the special, correct knowledge. I think that was the point Terry was making.

    edit: I just noticed sparky1's comment and agree with it. I will use the verse he mentioned (1Ti 2:4). To me, that verse would make sense if Paul was referring to coming to a more complete or intimate or thorough knowledge of truth as opposed to the knowledge one would have from just an initial exposure to it. As sparky1 said, that verse wouldn't make sense if Paul was using epignosis to mean "accurate knowledge".

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    Witness My Fury

    marked thanks....

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    Ugh those - r-a-t-s : Eastern bloc enemy rodents. Not created by Hamstergod. Vomited into the Universe by Pussygoddess.

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