If Jehovah God Really Loved Humans & This Earth How Might He Show It?

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  • eva luna
    eva luna

    to Laika,

    Ah, I just have some anger issues in the 'god' area that have recently resurfaced.

    Like losing many loved ones in the last few years and now again.

    Silly because I am not a believer.

    Board fights upset me too.

    take care

  • designs

    God could have created Tesla first....

  • minimus

    The greatest mystery

  • Dis-Member


    2. As a parent who tells their child not to touch the stove because it's hot and they will get burned, if the child is nonstop reaching for the hot stove everyday to stop the child from ever touching it, they may eventually conclude since they are not listening they won't stop their child next time and after getting burned they won't do it anymore.

    And a God allowing 1,400 innocent children in Yorkshire England to be sexually molested and violently gang raped over almost a 10 year period teaches them that they should not do what any more?

    4. God has great plans in store for humans, involving life throughout the universe. He knows that people will obey/follow rule books if they know for sure it's from him, but he wants to see how 'good' they are if they feel he does not exist or maybe there is no future accountability, so he is testing the true character of people.

    That right there is utter cold cruelty and insanity.. Was not Adam given rules? You mean like a mother abandoning and dumping her helpless new born in a garbage dumpster just to see if it's really a good child and has a nice character?

    I really love your teaching.. what church are you in I'd really like to join?!

  • Laika

    And why have you falsely accused me of making a personal insult?

    The implication that I'm indoctrinated wasn't meant to be insulting? I know your usual style is to try to shock people out of what you perceive to be their irrationality but I think we've engaged enough times to know that I deserve better than that...

    As I said to eva I don't want to take this thread off topic by turning this into an atonement debate, perhaps I will start a topic on it when I have more time.

    Have a nice day Bill.

  • cofty

    Why is "indoctrinated" an insult?

    Did you have a personal revelation that god died for you? Did you become convinced about it based on objective evidence?

    Or were you taught that this is something christians hae to believe in order to belong to the club?

    Be honest.

  • Laika

    "Did you have a personal revelation that god died for you? Did you become convinced about it based on objective evidence?

    Or were you taught that this is something christians hae to believe in order to belong to the club?"

    1.Yes 2. no 3. sometimes.

    I'm always honest.

  • cofty

    So you are claiming that you had it revealed to you that a man died "for your sins" 2000 years ago without anybody teaching you that or reading it in a book? And you expect intelligent, rational people to believe you about that do you?

  • Laika

    Sheesh, ever consider both/and?

  • hellenback

    Maybe he is the absolute biggest deadbeat dad ever in history. He is like a father who gives his son a survival training manual and sends him out into the desert without any experience in how to use the manual to his benefit. Upon finding his son a month later almost dead & saying geez I gave you a book if you had just followed the book, abdicating his own responsibility in his sons predicament.

    Adam & Eve had contact with 2 supreme beings one who came as a voice in the breeze & said he created them & Another who came in the form a a serpent who said the other was not really trying to benefit them & was holding back some important info from them. They had no life experience to form a Judgement on which was telling the truth as would be the same with any child. God said that on the day they ate from the tree they would die & the serpent said they would not die. The serpent told a half truth as they did not die on the day they ate from the tree & God told a half truth because Adam died not on that day but 930 years later. I don't beleive the ridiculous claim that a day to god is like a thousand years to us or that Adam & Eve knew this. The sun rose & set which was a day to them. God also showed bloodlust from the beginning by accepting Abel's blood sacrifice but not cain's from the produce of the field. Well God got his blood offering from Cain in the form of Abel's death. What a great father. God has done nothing to prove either for or against his existence in at least 2000 years but allowed billions of deaths.

    Romans 13:1 Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves.

    In my mind God is therefore responsible for Hitler, Pol Pot, STalin, The USA's Genocide of the Native Americans(the worst genocide in History) & every other murderous dictator in history.He put them there giving them authority so therefore he not Satan is responsible. Its like Obama blaming Bush for everything. Sorry rant over.

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