If Jehovah God Really Loved Humans & This Earth How Might He Show It?

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  • eva luna
    eva luna

    A real father/god would not allow:

    From a Brown Recluse spider, cancer, aids. to,

    Children dying from starvation, when there is so much waste in other areas on this globe.

    The wars fought in the name of a god/father.

    Gender and child abuse.

    Saposied books writen in a confusing way in his name and more killings.

    etc.,etc. ..... forever!

    Damn it, I, as a parent, would step in and stop this crap.

  • Laika

    Dying for someone else is a strange concept? There's a reason we honour our war dead.

  • cofty

    There's a reason we honour our war dead

    Why do you need somebody to explain the difference? It's blindingly obvious to all except the indoctrinated.

    The war dead gave their lives to prevent enemies from taking away the lives and liberty of their fellow citizens. They deserve our deep respect and gratitude.

    God had Jesus killed so that god didn't have to kill us. He deserves our contempt and ridicule.

    Jesus' death as a rabble-rouser and our lives are totally unconnected.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I agree with Dis-member, if he really loved us as a heavenly Father, he would make an effort to be more present in our lives. All the physical provisions like air, food, water, sunshine, etc can't compensate for his absence. A truly loving Father is present in the lives of his children and does not just give material provisions to make up for his absence.

    He would also be a much better communicator. What loving father writes a letter to his children in a cryptic way to make it diffcult for them to understand and easy for it to be interepreted in multiple conflicting ways, leading to confusion? But then again, the confusion created by the bible probably speaks more to his incompetence as an author than his lack of love.

  • eva luna
    eva luna


    are you saying that because 'jesus/father/god 'died' for us, means he is a good father when he knew he could go back to heaven?

    heck when I was a JW , I would have let the Doctors give my babies blood and let god/father whack me . Silly human that I am.

    Most parents will take a hit for their children. Unless in a wierd cult. (hint)

    War is sick and it saddens me that humans die over it.

  • Laika

    Cofty, Ever considered you might be so keen to go on your heresy hunting that you jump into your lectures without first seeking to understand what anyone actually believes? Because Calvin's 15th century version of the atonement is the only way to read the gospel stories.

    I thought you didn't do personal insults?

  • Laika

    War makes me sick too Eva luna, but except for the hint (erm... Thanks?) I don't really understand what point you're trying to make? Sorry...

    Anyway, I was just teasing in my first post, don't want to rip minimus' thread off topic.


    'Jehovah' should show that he loves humans by admitting that he is a figment of the Bible writers' fevered imaginations, so finally people can stop believing in fairy tales. If he did that, humans could learn to rely on their own inner resources, instead of looking to a Big Man in the Sky to solve all their problems.

  • EndofMysteries

    To be truly objective, this scenario should be considered as well. Think of all/any reasons God may have for not revealing himself and allowing suffering to happen.

    1. Since he hasn't spelt out his purpose for us and reasons in a way that nobody can dispute as coming from him vs man, then if he does exist, before judging him, know that there may be reasons and this coarse of action he has taken in the end turns out being the absolute best of all scenarios.

    Some possibilities on why hiding himself and allowing suffering could be part of a greater plan -

    1. Allowing humans to LEARN the reasons why things are wrong vs just him stating laws.

    2. As a parent who tells their child not to touch the stove because it's hot and they will get burned, if the child is nonstop reaching for the hot stove everyday to stop the child from ever touching it, they may eventually conclude since they are not listening they won't stop their child next time and after getting burned they won't do it anymore.

    3. If God had been trying to rule and humans in the past had nonstop challenged him and wanted to rule themselves, now humanity is ruling themselves without him involved to see if it will ever work. Every type of human rule, government, monarchy, democracy, republic, communist, socialist, maybe future 'one world government', etc, "the times of the gentiles", to let humans see first hand and/or prove to themselves if they can rule themselves.

    4. God has great plans in store for humans, involving life throughout the universe. He knows that people will obey/follow rule books if they know for sure it's from him, but he wants to see how 'good' they are if they feel he does not exist or maybe there is no future accountability, so he is testing the true character of people.

    5. The end, and the new world have already occurred. Those of us on earth were the bad guys in another life. This is pretty much hell. The darkness the scriptures talk about are the darkness we are in for our own existance not knowing how we got here, why we are here, etc.. A. Along w/ this line of thought, we are being 'purified', in the fire, each suffering refines us and we are working our way to redemption. B. This is an eternal punishment for us, we can't die, so we are constantly reborn, always in darkness about our life.

    I can think of more, but the point is there can be arguments on both sides. We can think if God is real there are things he should be doing or have done, but there is also the chance that there are valid reasons for things going the way they are.

  • cofty

    Calvin's 15th century version of the atonement is the only way to read the gospel stories - laika

    I am talking about the meaning of Jesus death that is described throughout the epistles.

    Please explain what you mean by saying god died for us that has nothing in common with any bible writer.

    And why have you falsely accused me of making a personal insult?

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