Do you like the people in the Bible?

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    The society always speaks about all the wonderful people and characters in the Bible.. they always too speak of many of them as being so humble, faithful, loyal, diligent, loving, kind, wise, merciful etc, and worthy of imitation. Also of how God blessed them followed by endless examples and reasons why we today should imitate them.

    They also speak of how wonderful it would be to meet some of these people in the future 'new system' and have often depicted scenes where the the survivors of Armageddon would be gathered around some ancient resurrected faithful asking them questions and listening to their stories of times past. You would so often hear brothers and sisters talk about which Bible characters they would really like to meet from the Bible and why. But I for the life of me was not able to find anyone that even remotely interested me.

    Apart from maybe Jesus there was not a single character in the Bible that I would ever want to meet. I used to fantasise and imagine myself in the 'new system' and try to think what I would be doing. I always saw myself getting as far away from humanity as possible and taking off up a mountain and disappearing into some deep dark forest and being more with animals and nature than human society.

    The thought of having to go to any kind of meetings in the new system frankly made me ill. I think I would just run away to my forest and never be seen again. I often felt a little odd when on the ministry working with an elder and him asking me which Bible character would I like most to meet and talk too.. and me answering 'Nimrod'.

    People like Noah, Moses, David, Solomon, all those endless Kings and Prophets held no interest for me whatsoever.. in fact I don't think I would even like any of them. Would I like to meet the Apostles? Not really.. Paul? Timothy? Peter? Nope. So many of these characters to me seemed like arrogant, self obsessed bully's. I definitely never liked David or Paul that's for sure.

    I have always only really been interested in knowing God or Jesus.. and maybe some angels and that's it. Humanity has just never really done it for me. If anything reading the Bible has given me the impression that humans are rather disgusting and capable of being more oftem than not completely horrid.

    What were/are your feelings and thoughts on this when and if you believe/believed in this stuff?

  • This is my tigersuit
  • prologos

    Joseph senior, not the cuckoled one,

    to ask how ugly Potiphar's wife really was and whether the many coloured coat was a symbosism back then too.

  • kassad84

    Saul of Tarsus

  • sparrowdown

    Id like to meet Lot so I can give him a swift kick to the nads.

  • smiddy

    I`d like to meet russell Crowe and ask " What were you thinking " ?


  • Dis-Member

    Interesting to hear who people would like to meet.. but rather then just that I'd like to know peoples feelings good or bad on all those Bible characters.. do you think you would even get on with maby of them? Like them? Make them your friends?

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    I would like to meet Jesus, and see how he measures up. I dont think i would be dissapointed, even with out the miracles. Its such a shame his meassage of love, forgiveness and tolerance has been so badly missrepresented.

  • punkofnice

    I would like to meet David then introduce him to the glock in my hand.

  • Paralipomenon

    I like Jonah.

    God says "Get up and go preach"

    Jonah says "F that" and leaves.

    When forcibly dragged back, he is very grumpy and gets pissed that the city didn't get destroyed.

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