Can anyone give me any advice on how to get rid of cockroaches?

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  • blondie

    Carpenter ants are attracted to moisture in the walls and wood which softens them allowing to make tunnels. Termites chew up wood.

  • Stormcrow

    The little beasties have natural predators too : frogs, toads, geckos, iguanas, the human foot.

  • whathehadas

    I work in Pest Control. The main treatments we do for roaches includes a few chemicals. You can get them off eBay, depending if it's legal in your state.

    Phantom (termiticide) : has a long residual

    Gentrol (IGR) : a additive, used as a Growth regulator to a insecticide/termiticide

    You would mix a ounce of each to a gallon in a sprayer. Use it to go along the base boards and under the sink. The chemical Phantom, is a passive aggressive termiticide. It acts like cancer to roaches and slowly kills them off

  • Jeannette

    Storm - I don't need any frogs in the house right now, that would send me over.

    Shirley- I knew someone would say something like that-ha ha ha.

    Berry- I got rid of most of the "old light", but I still have yearbooks that go back to the 60's that I have to dump.

    What- thanks for the names of the kind the professionals use. I knew it was stronger than the normai pesticide. I haven't called a professional because my friend did and she had to leave home for 2 weeks when they sprayed and they sprayed again.

    Blondie-thanks for all the research you did for my case.

    Violla- I ordered the diatomateous earth off Amazon, and an applicator to apply it with yesterday.

    On a side point, I heard on Coast-to-Coast last night that an officer that was working with all these border children had to shave his head because someone noticed lice all over his badge. He also took chickenpox home to his 2 children. These border children have not been checked at the border for diseases, and 3rd world countries have all sorts of diseases-lice, bedbugs,scabies for sure. So it might behoove all of you guys to get some diatomaceoous earth to have handy to use for your mattresses, houses or even cars. Thanks again so much. I'll keep you posted as to results. Love, Jeannette Have a nice day, and hope August is good to you.

  • Violia

    here is a page from amazon

    I like to read reviews , they frequently answer questions I would have asked. I sometimes I write one if I really like a product. I suggest reading a lot of reviews b/c people do put fake reviews . . you will notice that a number of folks are taking this interanlly . It won't harm them so dont' let the health folks run you off. ( and if they have worms, it will help).

    also, just look on Wiki and you will see this is not a new product and is used for a lot of things. Wiki explans how it works and why it won't hurt you .

    It has been around a long time and folks who garden have been using it forever. it has limitations in wet areas. for a really bad ant bed we ended up using a more traditional ant killer found at home depot.

    I'd google for ways to use it in apts. for roaches, etc places to put it. Since we are in a home we " blow" it under the house and in the attic and in the yard. it works very well like that.

  • sporece

    Fumigate the whole house

    Best way to get rid of termites and cockr.

  • Fernando

    A highly poisonous brown gel used by licenced pest controllers and placed strategically throughout the house has worked very well for us in several different homes we've lived in.

    I cannot remember the name or active ingredient.

  • designs

    Roll up an old Awake and SMACK them!!!

  • Jeannette

    Thank you, Fernando, for the information. Whatthehades gave me the names of the pesticides that the professionals use, and I have written them down for safekeeping. Great bunch of people on the forum, here.

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