New BOE Letter Re. Elders/MS Appointments and Deletions

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  • stuckinarut2

    Why don't they just admit that it is for legal protection, rather than trying to spin it as direction from the spirit!?

    They should own it and move on!

  • warehouse

    Separation of Powers wrote:

    However, I believe that there will be a huge wave of removals with the CO solidifying his power base by getting rid of the more vocal among the elder bodies. Animal Farm anyone?

    I was thinking this as well, but I don't know. Would a CO really risk upsetting the current power bases in the congs all at once? With the emphasis being more on the local leadership, you run the risk of creating pissed off splinter cells, especially if you delete entire elder bodies, or individual elders who are respected within the cong/circuit. Though, this stragegy could play into the theory of a intentional trimming/pruning phase of the borg. Should be interesting to sit back and watch it all play out.


    Own it and move on?!?! Since when have they ever done THAT?!?!? Lol!!! They can't have anymore dumbass Eldubs on the stand. Hey either perjure themselves or make the WTBTS look bad. Remember the GB in the Walsh trial?? That was the leaders.. Frankly, I am surprised that it has taken them this long to do something. I guess I shouldn't be. They are delusional. They just react as needed to Jehoobers chariot. The problem is that They ARE Jehoobers chariot!! They "progress" by narrowly escaping the consequences of their last dumbass decision. God be praised!!!


  • stuckinarut2

    I hear ya DD....

  • Quendi

    The fact that not once is a single scripture cited or quoted to support this arrangement should remove any and all doubt about it being wholly, solely and entirely of human origin. You'd hope that any man possessing a functioning conscience and an ounce of integrity would see this and have absolutely nothing to do with it. But many won't. They'll not only support it, but will also keep all the details secret. There is no honesty or transparency with this organization and this letter gives me yet another reason to rejoice that I'm out for good and will never return.


  • jgnat

    Regardless of any attempt to remove culpability from the head organization, the elder's manual and the BOE letters themselves are bread crumbs that lead straight back to headquarters.

    Local leadership at the Kingdom Halls is truly a thankless job.

  • dozy

    It's all about muddying the waters a bit. The idea is to try to present the appointment of elders as independent of the Branch.

    It's the same kind of legal loophole that the WTBTS has tried ( and usually failed ) in the past - for example , in legal lawsuits in the USA it has claimed that it has no legal organisation in ( for example ) California so can't be sued. In Australia they claimed that the FADS is a theoretical theological concept. Usually courts throw out these kind of nonsensical legal arguments , but if nothing else it delays procedures and complicates the process.

    What the legal department hope is that if ( for example ) an elder was a paedophile and the victims tried to sue the Society for damages, the WTBTS could claim that all appointments are made locally or regionally without any input or direction from the Branch. The victims' lawyers would have to prove a link from the CO to the branch , which would be vigorously defended.

    We all know that the WTBTS is a very heirarchical controlling organisation but from a legal standpoint , that's the last thing the WTBTS wants to admit.

    Look out for further ringfencing of assets. Anticipating just this kind of issue , in the UK , the WTBTS split up a few years ago into IBSA ( which holds the assets ) and WTBTS of Britain ( which is the trading arm. )

  • stuckinarut2

    Great observation Quendi! Not one scripture used!

    That used to be the trumpeted basis of every letter or direction they made up...but now they dont even try and misapply a scripture...they just say so

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