New BOE Letter Re. Elders/MS Appointments and Deletions

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  • Rattigan350

    It is a lot less complicated to get a bill through congress and passed than it is for someone to get appointed.

  • sir82

    If the rumored demise of the "circuit overseer" position is really true, then the "legal liability" angle makes sense.

    Once the appointments are made by the local pseudo-COs, who would replace the current COs and would not be in the "Special Order of Full Time Servants", the link between the misdeeds of individual elders and the central corporation will be even more tenuous.

  • jgnat

    Sure puts the local leadership, all the way up to the CO, in a more culpable position. With these changes, they really need liability insurance. But they don't qualify, not having accredited training. All they have is the stupid handbook and these stupid letters. An intelligent leader would walk away from this "privelege".

    As for demanding a full explanation for a volunteer resignation, the resignee can simply clam up. Let the CO sweat until midnight trying to compose a reasonable explanation for headquarters. What they gonna do? Garnish his wages?

  • SAHS

    More local autonomy = less central liability/culpability.

    When it comes to a crunch, the little guys always lose.

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    "As a side note to this, from what I've observed locally, it seems that all appointments are on hold until this new arrangement takes effect. I suspect we'll see a barrage of appointments come September."

    Funny, I was thinking the same thing. However, I believe that there will be a huge wave of removals with the CO solidifying his power base by getting rid of the more vocal among the elder bodies. Animal Farm anyone?


    Perhaps in the near future, all JWs will be R&F members, "officially." ONLY the GB will be considered as representatives of the WTBTS. WHO?!? The FDS/theological construct that doesn't actually exist, you know, the ones who can't really be sued in a court of law. The FDS Inc. and the legal dept will be the only reps of the ORG.

    All others will be in a volunteer ministry which cannot be tied to the WTBTS in any way. Don't be surprised when the FDS issue a command from Jehoober for all Elders, MSs, and publishers to sign a waiver, stating that they are solely responsible for their own actions. Sure, it won't make sense from a human standpoint, but it means your survival....


  • sowhatnow

    so, according to that letter, if you were a man who had done some time in jail in the past, and then accepted a study at the door

    progressed up the ladder, and got baptised, you could never ne a ministerial servant of elder. because apparently now your prior jw life disqualifies you.


    so the co comes along and 'approves' or 'disapproves' someone he knows nothing about.

    wow, thats rich,


    Why anyone still takes these letters seriously is beyond me. How are window-washer Elders supposed to keep up with that endless nit-picking nonsense?? We can only hope that soon there will be a flood of elder and CO resignations as they finally get tired of jumping through endless hoops based on these letters. I wouldn't do it if they PAID me, and certainly not for FREE!!! And to any disaffected elders who may be reading this post: 'Haven't you had your fill of being the CO's unpaid slave??? QUIT NOW!!!'

  • stuckinarut2

    That sentence re "is there anything holding you back...blah blah...secret sin...etc..."

    How funny!

    I mean if someone WAS doing something wrong, are they going to admit it and say "well yes actually, now that you asked, I have captives in a basement packaging illegal drugs...does that count??"

    Stoopid Organization....

  • Listener

    At least one month before the circuit overseer’s visit, the Congregation Service Committee should send to the circuit overseer the full name, date of birth, and date of baptism of any brother the body of elders will be recommending for appointment as an elder or a ministerial servant.

    This allows enough time for the CO to inform the Branch so that they can check all their records regarding the individual.

    As far as the elders would be concerned the Branch Office is no longer involved, or they at least are not told what involvement they have. In any future Court cases there will be less information that an elder could provide to the court in regards to the Branch Office's involvement.

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