Evolution is just a theory

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  • venting

    This ticks me off! Last sundays watchtower talked about how organised the heavens are. How it works so acuratley. Some from the audiance said yes everything moves perfectly, nothing bumping into each other. This is so untrue! Lots of things bump into each other. have you looked at the moon lately? Did you notice all the impact craters? Millions of them? These impact craters didn't all happend billions of years ago. Some were much more recent. Now if I raised my hand and said that in my answer people would look at me like I had two heads. Even though I would be speaking the truth. Someone's answer was " evolution is not a fact it's just a theory" They are just playing a silly game of samantics. And saying it this way is disonest. Now if I raised my hand and tried to explain what scientists mean when they say theory, people would think satan was using me. Even though I was speaking the truth. There! I got it off my chest! venting.

  • punkofnice

    Poor rank and file. You gotta feel sorry for them coz some of us WERE them. The mind control and propaganda really does 'blind the minds (whatever that means), of the unbelievers.

    For me, I don't care if we evolved, were created or popped out of a UFO....I just wanna live myn life as sh1t as it is.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance , it is the illusion of knowledge.” - Stephen Hawking

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    Yep, we were like them. Some of them will become like them. There is hope.

  • designs

    You wonder what Evangelicals and JWs think of super-novas...

  • prologos

    designs: super novae? signs in the heavens, stars of beth-lehem er beth-sarim , far (fetched) signs of the birth of the otherwise invisible kingdom?

    just a theoretical theory

    really: planned explosion to cook up some gold and other goodies.

    in the works since the coming into existence of the laws governing matter.

  • Magnum

    I understand why you'd need to vent after hearing the clueless drones spit out that stuff. JWs are not qualififed to make statements such as "the heavens are organized" and "evolution is just a theory". They're clueless and have "the illusion of knowledge" (phrase borrorwed from an above post). What does it even mean to say "the heavens are organized"? Organized in what way? Compared to what? To me, the heavens are the wild west - dangerous and chaotic. One could say a waterfall is organized. All such talk is empty and meaninigless. Yet they all shake their heads in smug agreement as such statements are made. And they leave the KH with a confident, self-righteous air about them.

    I wish somebody would respond as you mentioned in the OP. I'd love to see the looks on their faces.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    I raised my hand and said that in my answer people would look at me like I had two heads. Even though I would be speaking the truth.

    The standard response of any JW who's exposed to truth and a different way of looking at things.

    Similar expressions can be seen as: a deer in the headlights, and a monkey doing a math problem.


    "The freest anyone ever is occurs when they care enough about their integrity to search for the truth.

    The most enslaved anyone ever is occurs when they are constrained enough to announce they've found the truth and, to protect their pride, stop the search." -unknown

  • sir82

    Gravity is also "just a theory".

    Perhaps those who dismiss evolution as "just a theory" would like to take a headfirst dive off the Kingdom Hall roof?

  • OneEyedJoe

    Yeah, there were some classic comments last sunday. One I always like was:

    When you look at the stars and galaxies and the orbits of the planets, you can clearly see that a god of oganization created it. Scientists say that everything came about from an explosion in the "big bang" (said with a very snide tone) but what do you get from an explosion? Chaos, not order.

    That one had me pretty pissed off, since that's a complete misunderstanding of what the big bang is. Also, it's not really difficult to demonstrate the concept that gravity would naturally cause things to coalesce into something resembling an equilibrium after a while. As the OP mentioned, asteroid collisions, aptly demonstrate that things aren't all that ordered. Whats more, it's very likely that early planets are often sent crashing into their stars. Hell, even galaxies collide rather frequently, and our own galaxy is due for a collision with andromeda in about 4 billion years. Not so ordered afterall.

    Another great moment was when one elder accidentially disproved the story of the flood: He said "what I never understood was what they did with all the insects - there's millions of species of insects and they don't interbreed...they couldn't possibly have all fit on the ark" It's so sad, this elder is relatively clever (another of his favorite comments is that he wants to ask god what was up with them dinosaurs) and seems to see the holes in the bible and the religion but he is so absolutely loyal to the organization that it's disgusting.

    As for the "evolution is just a theory" argument, my counterpoint is that it is "just" a theory in exactly the same way that gravity is just a theory. We don't fully understand the mechanisms behind gravity, and there are many different explanations of how gravity might work (and physicists often get into rather impassioned debates about which must be the best explanation). Yet, we don't go around arguing that gravity never happened, because we can see the evidence everywhere. Just like there's evidence for evolution everywhere.

    The parallel with gravity also works when creationists make use of the inflation of conflict logical falacy (saying, even the experts don't agree on how evolution works, so why should I believe it?). Experts don't agree on how gravity works, but we all believe in it. The only difference between evolution and gravity is that the idea of gravity has been around longer, and the evidence for it takes less effort to see. Oh, and it doesn't directly disprove the bible (though it does indirectly disprove many accounts in the bible)

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