Stagnant JW growth at international convention

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  • Vidiot

    Shirley - "'Better lives now'-- it's terrible what Satan does to people. LOL. Prosperity is a sure sign that one is not doing things Jehovah's™ way. Abundance and happiness are only an illusion of Satan."

    I remember that kind of "reasoning"; it sounded iffy to me even back when I was still in.

  • steve2

    The success in getting "visits" to exposes the lumbering lack of success in the door-to-door work.If your religion ethusiastically promotes its website, you will quickly realize that's the way to go. In life, humans seek to minimize pain and maximise pleasure. That's why religions the world over attract large numbers of hangers-on who are neither in nor out. JWs are no exception - and with the push to promote their website, they are giving apathy among the rank and file a head stary. Nice one!

  • SAHS

    “Magnum”: “Just think about it. A 15-year-old is not old enough to clean bathrooms on his own, yet he's old enough to have the knowledge, experience, understanding, reasoning ability, discernment, etc. necessary to make the important decision to get baptized and sign his life away to an organization.”

    That certainly puts things into perspective. And just think how important age is in consent, especially sexual consent. Think of how much trouble a person could get into for having any kind of sexual activity with a minor who is even just a year or two under the legal age of consent. People take that so seriously, along with the legal age for driving, voting, smoking, getting tattooed, or have someone’s ears pierced. No, no, no. . . . But, making a decision which could ultimately end up severing the child’s ties to their own freekin’ family, well, they’re still just dunking those wee ones just as fast as they can – I suppose to show the world how JWs are such a progressive and thriving organization!

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