Stagnant JW growth at international convention

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  • sporece

    I live in Southern California, left the org. after 32 years and what i hear from some young ones that also left the org. that all of their friend that they grew up with, 90% of them have left.

    Maybe it's not happening in every cong. but young ones will not stick around to worship a few guys in NY.

  • Vidiot

    sir82 - "Unless the rumors are true and the GB really wants to suddenly alienate the dispirited and lethargic half of JWs, to consolidate their grip on what is left."

    I should clarify; it's not really a rumor.

    It's a suspicion that I personally came to have after stepping back and looking at the wider picture of the WTS's overall behavior and survival needs (but I suppose that could be splitting hairs).

    Also, I also suspect dispirited and lethargic JWs are a lot more than just half.

  • Vidiot

    Shirley - "Only in WT Land could this be interpreted as growth and 'progress'."

    Everything you know is wrong,

    Up is down, black is white, and short is long...

  • sporece

    8 mil witnesses and only 250 k getting baptized a year.

    As mentioned they would get those numbers in the 70s and 80s with half of the witnesses in the field.

    How many leave? How many have no faith in the wat. and stay in for whatever reason?

    GOOGLE is Satan and the archenemy of the watchtower. :)

  • SAHS

    Apparently only about 36% of born-ins stay in the JWs.

    ‘The little one himself will become a mighty nation’ – ya, right, a nation where they’re risking everything to jump over the fence to get out.

    The ‘modern-day Israelites’ (JWs) are marching around the modern city of Jericho seven times on this last day in the time of the end – but they’ve evidently™ been drinking beer all day, so by the seven-time marching day, they’re all just dizzy and pooped.

  • steve2


  • Splash

    Once the fervour of 2014 has worn away, I predict a gradual but measurable western world decrease.


  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    Time Magazine Feb. 25, 2008

    "An even more extreme example of what might be called "masked churn" is the relatively tiny Jehovah's Witnesses, with a turnover rate of about two-thirds. That means that two-thirds of the people who told Pew they were raised Jehovah's Witnesses no longer are — yet the group attracts roughly the same number of converts. Notes Lugo, "No wonder they have to keep on knocking on doors."

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    Notes Lugo, "No wonder they have to keep on knocking on doors." *


    * updated for 2014:

    "No wonder they have to keep referring people to JW.Org."

  • Magnum

    ruderedhead: Shirley, I was a d2d convert, and the cog. I was in at the time had 3 more(women) who were also d2d converts. I knew of 1 other in another cong. But that was back in the mid 80's!

    Do you think that was normal for the time, or were we just guillible housewives w children? I think today most people will research easily on the web before getting involved, and I know I personally today would show them the door after showing them how misguided their beleifs are!

    I think it was more normal for that time. Back then, the religion seemed more scholarly and dignified, and all the crazy, deceptive history was hidden. Also, there was the old generation teaching which made far more sense than the new one. With the old teaching at that time, there was the excitement generated by the belief that the 1914 generation time period was up, so the end must be near.

    Now there is no such excitement, JWdom is dumbed down, the crazy history is easily accessible, the unprovable doctrines are easily challenged, etc. So now it would be abnormal to find so many who came in from the field. You yourself said that you wouldn't have come in if your exposure to JWdom had been at this point in time.

    So the days of bringing in people from the field are, I believe, largely over - at least in the developed world. The ones they might get are for the most part going to be from the bottom of society - the less educated, the socially awkward, etc.

    sir82: I'm virtually certain that the number of English-speaking JWs in the US has been decreasing for at least 5 years, maybe more. The nominal growth in the US comes from foreign-language congregations, primarily Spanish. And even that is slowing down.

    Even though there are still small increases in most nations, I'm convinced we'll see gross reductions in the number of publishers in the US & all of the 1st world before the decade is out.

    I've been thinking the same thing.

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